3 Ways Pest Control Companies Can Use Social Media To Grow Their Business

Published on December 14, 2021

No matter what your message is, social media is there to amplify it for you.

In the wide world of marketing for pest control companies, you have plenty of options. But no matter what you’re doing right now, odds are high that social media can make it even more effective.

Despite that, many pest control companies avoid social media or only update it once in a while.

It’s not unusual to see pest control brands that created social media profiles but never used them again. Sometimes, you might catch them updating once a quarter. Plenty of small businesses, not just in the pest control field, end up posting things only marginally related to what they do.

Look around at your competitors and you’re bound to find some like this.

But the fact some pest control companies haven’t connected with social media yet doesn’t mean there’s nothing to it. Before you capture real business value from social media, you need to be doing the right things in the right ways. It’s easy for enthusiasm to turn to burnout if you don’t see results.

In a previous post, we talked about turning around your pest control website. It’s a good idea to check that out and implement some of the suggestions before you take a fresh look at your social media. After all, every social platform eventually leads people back to your website.

If your website isn’t ready to convert that traffic into customers, you won’t get anywhere!

Let’s say you’ve dug deep into your pest control website. You feel confident that it’s going to give first-time visitors the positive impression you want. Now, you need to stir social media into the mix so more local homeowners and businesses will follow those posts to your front door.

How can you do it?

Just about anything you’re already doing with pest control marketing can be made better, faster, and more cost-effective by sharing it on social media. But that idea can seem nebulous when you’re not used to it. So, let’s drill down to three specific examples you can put into practice.

Follow these tips and it’ll be easier than ever to grow your business with social media:

1. Build Helpful, Informative Seasonal Content Relevant to Your Customers

When it comes to pest control, what people don’t know can hurt them.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in many places throughout the United States. These bugs are on the way back thanks to an increased level of resistance to conventional pesticides. Yet, most people don’t know about the risk or how to reduce it – leaving them vulnerable to a real emergency.

This is just one example of pest control information homeowners don’t even realize they need. Central Florida has some of the fiercest pests around, but homeowners don’t know it until it’s too late.

Most of the time, people only go online for facts on pests if they strongly suspect an infestation is in progress. But by the time that happens, they could be fighting an uphill battle. While that makes them a potential customer, it leaves other opportunities for your firm on the table.

By creating helpful content that spotlights seasonal pest control risks and other relevant news, you are building a foundation. Prospects are much more likely to look at you as a friendly, authoritative, and trustworthy voice when they know you are trying to help them avoid the worst-case scenario.

When you share content that has a sense of urgency, people are more likely to pass it on to others in their network, including family members and friends. This helps lower their resistance to taking their problems seriously and contacting you before the situation is out of control.

Help others help each other and all roads will lead back to you and your brand.

2. Control the Tempo of Your Business by Launching Offers Socially

Especially in the beginning, many pest control companies get stuck in a “feast or famine” cycle. They enjoy plenty of business in the spring and summer when insect populations are at their busiest. Then, cold weather causes some vermin to go dormant throughout the last quarter of the year.

Homeowners breathe a sigh of relief … and promptly forget about the issue!

One of the goals of your social media marketing is to remind people that out of sight does not mean out of mind. This is more relevant for homeowners since business owners are motivated to take action proactively due to the threat of health code shutdowns.

Look at your business performance over the last few years and identify the seasonal trends, including the biggest peaks and valleys. Then consider which preventive pest control measures you can offer any time of the year that will deliver real peace of mind to customers.

Finally, launch a limited-time offer on social media that focuses on more calls in the slow season.

Many homeowners are conscientious in the extreme when it comes to the cost of pest control services. Unfortunately, they do not understand the expertise and forethought that goes into the enterprise. It’s not always possible to change their thinking, but you can get their attention with a temporary discount.

Make sure you have plenty of visual content, like photos, illustrations, or even videos. These all serve to draw attention to your offer, making it much more likely people will stop, read, and remember. If you have an email marketing list, be sure it reinforces the message your social media is putting out.

3. Use Video Content on Social Media Whenever Possible

By and large, video is more popular than any other type of online content.

Not only is video more convenient for your customers, but they also absorb and retain your message better than they would with plain text content alone. Even if you’re not posting on social media very frequently, you can still get a tremendous amount of value if most of your posts are supported by video storytelling.

Video content helps you boost the results from your local SEO, meaning more people will find you from the 30-mile radius around your office. And it also helps humanize and distinguish your brand so you can attract the kind of first-time customers who fully appreciate what you do.

Think about that price-conscious buyer in the example above. He or she probably thinks all pest control companies are alike. Since they’re the same, price is all that matters. Video is the most powerful way you can counteract this impression – and you’ll need to do that before you can meet face-to-face.

With short, “behind the scenes” video content, your future customers will recognize yours as a reliable, values-driven business they want to work with. By shifting the focus from cost to quality, you have more opportunities to get them excited about the unique value you have to offer.

Contact us today to discover more about using social media to expand your business in Central Florida.

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