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Pest Control Website A Flop? How To Turn Things Around And Win Customers

Today’s pest control companies need terrific websites if they’re going to stand out. Your website is your most versatile lead generation engine. It builds your brand reputation, makes you more visible in search results, and captures the attention of local homeowners eager to buy.
Unfortunately, many pest control companies consider their website a low priority.

The website is often one of the first things that gets done before a business opens its doors. After that, it often becomes a bit of an afterthought. After all, you’re a pest control expert, not a multimedia designer.

Web design techniques get outdated quickly, and odds are the same is happening with your website. That’s how, within a few quarters of launch, pest control companies discover their websites failing them.

Many pest control companies have asked us:

  • “How do we turn our website traffic into real leads and customers?”
  • “Why aren’t people signing up for appointments from our website?”
  • “Just what is a website supposed to do for our business, anyway?”

The problem here is simple: Everyone knows you’re supposed to have a website, but nobody explains exactly how it relates to success for pest control companies. So, before you begin troubleshooting why your pest control website isn’t working, you have to clarify your goals.

Why have a website?

Why Pest Control Companies Should Be Excited About Websites
Done right, your website should be one of the most exciting parts of your business.

That’s because a good pest control website does something no salesperson and no single advertisement can: It brings pest control leads to you. Over time, it becomes more consistent, reliable, and cost-efficient.

This can come as a shock to pest control business owners who’ve been told their website is like an online brochure for their services. Far from it: Your website should attract local leads, help them self-qualify based on your fit with their situation, and motivate them to give you a call.

And it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It does this in two ways:

  • Raising your brand’s visibility in online searches that are relevant to your business
  • Developing relationships with website viewers through helpful, informative content

The website itself is only the foundation. Pest control companies that don’t develop a plan to unlock its value will usually find it doesn’t “do” anything. Without digital marketing for pest control companies, a website can be up for years and still receive no traffic.

Realizing Your Website’s Potential With Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is a catch-all term for a combination of design approaches, technical best practices, and marketing methods that make your website more attractive to users and Google alike. The better your SEO, the more likely it is you will rank high when people search for services like yours.

There are a few finicky factors that can torpedo your SEO efforts before they start:

1. Your Website Is Too Slow
Research shows it only takes a delay of about one second for a user to wonder if your website is broken. Google penalizes websites that aren’t fast enough, so use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to learn if your performance is up to snuff. It also provides helpful suggestions on how to improve.

2. Your Website Isn’t Secure
Even if you don’t take payments through your website, it’s important that it’s updated with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. An SSL certificate can be acquired for free and correlates with higher rankings on Google. It can make the difference for websites already ranking well for a competitive search term.

3. Your Website Isn’t Mobile
Nearly 49% of U.S. online traffic comes from a mobile device like a smartphone, down from 52% in 2019 as more people have stayed indoors. To be fully compatible with mobile, your website needs to be responsive – that is, its appearance and navigation should adapt to the user’s display and input methods.

How Your Pest Control Website Can Spark Lasting Relationships
Digital marketing experts can sweep through your website, making the upgrades you need. But even if they reach you, most people won’t buy right away. Some might wait months. How do you stay relevant?

Pest control companies have one big advantage: Pests don’t usually go away on their own. You need to show the same staying power if you want leads to pick you. Here’s how to prepare your website to do it:

1. Bring Visitors In With Relevant, Informative Blogs
Most pest control leads go online to learn about their pest problem. What are they dealing with? What are the signs to watch for? How can they get started controlling an infestation on their own? By writing helpful blogs, you drive more traffic to your website while meeting their needs.

2. Use A Lead Magnet To Turn Visitors Into Subscribers
Email marketing is one of the most effective lead cultivation techniques, offering some of the highest ROI of any tool in the marketer’s kit. A lead magnet is in-depth content, such as an e-book or video series, visitors will trade their email address for: For example, a guide to getting rid of termites or rats.

3. Share Video Content To Transform Subscribers Into Customers
Video content is some of the most memorable around, helping your name and value proposition stick in leads’ minds. Besides that, it motivates them to read your email and click through to a landing page where they can sign up for a consultation. Landing pages with video are up to 80% more likely to convert.

New York Ave has worked with pest control companies throughout the United States. We equip you with digital marketing strategies that make you competitive against bigger, more established rivals.

For expert advice on pest control marketing, contact us.

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