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Local SEO Puts Pest Control Companies Like Yours On The Map

In mid-2019, structural pest control in the United States approached a value of $9 billion. But most pest control companies operate in a radius of about 50 miles around their home base. With 20,000 pest control companies out there, it’s crucial to get qualified local leads they can service effectively.
The growth in pest control business isn’t limited to residential customers: It also includes growth in post-construction preventative treatment paid for by home builders. Driven by the re-emergence of bedbugs, some commercial enterprises are also investing more to control the spread of pests.

No matter their background, budget, or goals, however, all pest control clients have one thing in common: Unless they have an existing relationship with a pest control firm, they will probably go online to find one.

Pest control companies are in a unique position when it comes to search traffic.

Even if they claw their way to the top of a competitive term like “ant infestation,” national search traffic does them virtually no good. Most pest control companies don’t have agreements in place to direct out-of-area leads to business partners, either. That traffic is simply wasted.

That means local SEO has to be the cornerstone of most digital marketing for pest control companies.

But what is local SEO – and how can your company get on board?

Local SEO Is The Secret To Getting To “Google Position Zero
Everyone knows what Google position #1 is: The first item on the results page for a given query.

For most queries, the majority of traffic goes to position #1. When someone looks for a local business, however – especially if they’re on mobile and include “near me” – there’s something better to aim for: The knowledge panel for local businesses, which appears far above the other results.

This panel narrows down customer selections to three local brands, highlighting the following info:

  • The business name and industry
  • Google Review score and stars on a 1-to-5 scale
  • The business address and Google Map directions
  • A direct link to the company website
  • When available, business hours and other extras

Users who click “View all” from this feature are sent over to Google Maps, where they get a list of the top 20 local businesses that match their search criteria. This view can also include text ads. Users who are investing time in major comparison shopping might end up on this screen, but most don’t.

Remember this rule of thumb: People take the minimum number of steps to reach their immediate goal.

And although there are exceptions – like news and political topics – most people trust that the order the Google results come in reflects the quality of those results. When they’re looking for a business, rather than the answer to a specific question, they’ll naturally give weight to results at the top.

Local SEO helps you get your business into those prime three positions.

Six Keys To Local SEO To Drive Lead Generation For Pest Control Companies
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of designing and cultivating your site to raise its visibility in searches related to your business. To succeed online, any business needs SEO, but pest control experts should drill down further to local SEO focusing on visitors in your surrounding zip codes.

Luckily, many aspects of local SEO are under your direct control:

1. Include Your Address, Phone Number, And Business Hours In Your Website’s Footer
Despite the amount of computational power that goes into it, Google isn’t “smart” — not really. To categorize your business, it needs clear signposts. On top of an “About Us” page, it’s a great idea to include physical location and basic contact details right in the footer of all your pages, where they’re easy to find.

2. Double-Check That Your Website Is Easy To Navigate On Smartphones And Tablets
The time has come to update your existing website to a mobile-friendly responsive format. Responsive websites automatically adjust their appearance, layout, and navigation to match the user’s input device and display size. With a little know-how, most business websites can be upgraded in a matter of days.

3. Share Content And Get Links From Organizations In Your Town Or City
Getting links from other websites (called “backlinks” because they link back to your site) can be tough. The majority of people most interested in your industry are competitors. However, you can get powerful backlinks by sharing useful online content with organizations like your local chamber of commerce.

4. Claim Your Google My Business Listing
Google My Business is a free directory of local companies maintained by Google itself. Most information is automatically populated from brand websites, but you can take control of your listing for free. GMB is a big source of verified details used by Google Maps, so it makes you more likely to appear in local search.

5. Follow Up To Get More Google User Reviews
Under Google rules, you can’t offer discounts or other incentives to encourage customer reviews. Often, though, getting one is as simple as asking. Make sure disciplined follow-up is part of your post-project process. Satisfied customers are most eager to leave reviews within a week of getting service.

6. Open Up Business Profiles On Social Media
Even if you don’t plan to use every popular social media platform, it’s wise to start up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Strongly consider LinkedIn if you’ll be targeting commercial clients in your prospecting. Customers may look for you on these social sites, and they’ll help you situate your business in your market.

These six steps equip you to spotlight your local area and focus your attention on website visitors most likely to drive your business forward. For expert advice on world-class digital marketing for pest control companies, contact New York Ave today.

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