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Own Multiple Businesses? You Need Consolidated Marketing

When you have more than one business, you understand the value of time.

Everyone has heard “time is money,” but you feel it. When you’re coming up with your priority list, every entry counts. Each day, week, and month matters – not just quarters or years. You need to find time for each one of your businesses every single day. Even for the best leaders, it’s a challenge.

One way to simplify the equation is to consolidate where you can.

When you consolidate efforts between one or more of your existing businesses, you streamline processes and cut out overhead. By simplifying, you can save time and usually save on costs. Sometimes, that means thinking creatively about your resources and how a single investment can affect your entire portfolio of businesses.

Marketing creates natural pathways for this kind of consolidation.

If you have two to five businesses with a collective revenue of up to $8MM, it’s a golden opportunity.

Now, You Can Save Time and Be Proud of the Marketing You Put Out

Leaders stay at the forefront of their business because they’re serious about quality.

When you have multiple businesses, though, entrusting the right third-party partner with your marketing can be one of the best things for growth. Consolidated marketing allows you to invest in marketing with a single provider, develop a single relationship, and get a single “done for you” solution for all of your needs.

Let’s consider the impact that can have:

1. A Single Point of Contact for Marketing

For any project to be successful, all the stakeholders need to have accountability. That starts with having a clear “point person” for the entire journey – someone who sees the big picture and can answer any question for you when you have it. Our consultative approach delivers personalized concierge service every step of the way.

With your entire portfolio of businesses folded into a single point of contact, you can get the view from 50,000 feet or dive into the details whenever you want to. No matter if you decide to remain deep in the process or go hands-off, your point of contact is there to ensure you are always up to date on the progress of your campaigns.

2. Marketing Consistency Across Your Brands

Consistency is the core of what makes a brand a brand. There are countless ways to show consistency, from the way your logo appears in different settings to your selection of fonts and colors. But those things are just tactics without a unified vision that brings it all together in every single communication.

With a single third-party marketing partner overseeing all your efforts, you can count on the kind of consistency that gives you a brand family worthy of the name. Your brand guidelines will be executed with 100% certainty every time … and if you don’t have brand guidelines yet, we can help you build them.

3. A Single Marketing Plan for Multiple Businesses

Here’s something you can only find with a marketing agency like New York Ave

Other agencies are tempted to put all of your businesses into separate boxes. That may make sense sometimes, but not when it comes to marketing. The benefits of sharing all resources between businesses mean you get to leverage economies of scale no matter how large each one of your companies is individually.

This is the ideal way to optimize your marketing spend. Every penny goes where it’s most needed and has the most impact. Having a single marketing plan that accounts for all your businesses means budget, time, and talent can be used fluidly as the situation in the market changes in ways that can’t be predicted in advance.

New York Ave isn’t the only marketing agency out there, but we’re the only one that has pioneered this efficient approach for clients with multiple businesses.

Work with the Only Marketing Agency Optimized to Perform Across Your Whole Portfolio of Businesses

At New York Ave, we’ve discovered our unique approach solves 95% of the marketing-related pain points for business leaders with multiple companies and around $8MM collective revenue. We aren’t for everyone – but if you’d like to move past the organic growth bottleneck and launch into marketing-driven growth, we’re here.

Marketing across multiple companies has never been more efficient than it is with us. Our clients report they save time, save money, and conserve energy so they can stay focused on what they do best—while leaving a pile of marketing tasks with a dedicated team that cares about their success.

Contact us to find out more or get started. We look forward to meeting you.

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