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How Pest Control Companies Can Maximize Their Social Media ROI by Hiring a Marketing Agency

“What’s the big deal about social media?”

Many business owners ask this very question after trying, with limited success, to add social media to their pest control marketing.

Social media platforms make a lot of promises about helping businesses “reach the world.” The reality can be more complicated.

In fact, it can be downright disappointing.

Pest control leaders dive into Facebook, Twitter, and the rest hoping their brand will be found by more homeowners in their area than ever. After hours scrolling newsfeeds and scraping together followers, however, they often wonder what it was all for.

In their first three months using social media, many companies don’t secure a single new customer.

Naturally, that comes as a huge disappointment. This is the part where many people move on, looking for other forms of pest control marketing that suit them better. They might go on dragging themselves through occasional social media updates, feeling it’s something they “have to do.”

But social media really can deliver measurable increases in sales, customer value, and more.

The key to realizing that value quickly is hiring a marketing agency.

Why Pest Control Companies Consistently Miss Out on Social Media

The fact that so many pest control companies can’t make social media work is actually reassuring news.

It means the vast majority of your competitors either aren’t doing social media or they’re doing it wrong. A simple change in perspective will help ensure you get more out of social platforms than neighboring companies do. And that will make you more competitive.

So, what exactly are pest control companies missing?

There’s no “secret sauce” to pest control marketing with social media. Success has less to do with one key ingredient – the fuel – and more to do with building the whole rocket. If one part is missing, you’re grounded. But online social media tutorials often leave a lot of things out.

Even when all the pieces are there, putting them together can be a chore.

The fact that there’s no “social media marketing blueprint” leaves pest control firms with headaches and contributes to the sense there’s not much to be excited about. But a trusted Central Florida marketing company can snap those pieces together and get you flying faster.

A few common mistakes make up the majority of reasons why social media fails to take off:

1. Setting Up in the Wrong Place

You’re better off putting an ice cream stand in the desert than in Nome, Alaska. Yet, many people go on social media with the expectation that one platform is as good as another. They get set up on whatever seems trendier or easiest, then wait and wait for the interaction they crave.

With social media, you know the value you have to offer. Future customers have an idea of it, too. Your marketing does the job of setting you apart from other companies that might provide similar services. That starts by understanding who your ideal customers are and talking directly to them.

The right audience for you might be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any one of the other social venues. A digital marketing agency helps you “strike oil” out in the vast social wilderness by helping you get started in the right place – the platforms where your audience is engaged and active.

2. Trying to Do Too Much, Too Soon

Related to the idea of setting up in the wrong place is trying to do a little bit of everything – which often results in doing nothing very well. You might be caught in this mindset if you find yourself signing up to half a dozen platforms in a day and trying to post to all of them.

Every social media network has its own rhythm. That includes the number of posts you should do over a period of time, when you should release them, and the best way to maximize the attention each gets. Figuring all that out from trial and error can take years.

A digital marketing agency experienced in pest control marketing already has the data to know what content audiences want and when they want it. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, you’ll identify the handful of platforms that match your business goals best.

That saves you plenty of time – and, ultimately, lots of money.

3. Not Being Consistent Enough

No matter your industry or objectives, consistency is the king when it comes to social media.

You’ve probably heard that it takes anywhere from 8-16 exposures to a brand for the average person to remember and think about it when they need it. That’s the foundation of brand awareness. This same process is going on when you cultivate your social media following.

Even those who are actually following you can eventually forget who you are unless your relationship crosses a threshold of familiarity and trust. It gets there by creating an ongoing conversation on your social media – then, when followers need a pest control company, they know just who to call.

Posting just once a day can be fine for certain platforms, while others scroll by quickly and need three posts a day or more. Your marketing agency focuses your efforts like a laser, ensuring that you never spend more time than necessary to provide the consistency followers want.

4. Lack of Professionalism

Businesses are finally getting the picture: It’s not enough to hire a high school intern to do social media.

Professionalism might not seem like such a big deal sometimes. Who cares about the occasional spelling error – it’s not as if all of your followers are spelling bee champs, right? But a lack of professionalism can show up in many different ways. It can really bite your business when you least expect it.

Small mistakes, like accidentally posting a personal post to a business social media account, may not do much harm on their own. Most – but not all! – can be corrected. But in the aggregate, it will make your audience wonder if they can count on you to show their property the respect it deserves.

When you hire a marketing agency for social media, you know you are getting experienced social media managers who have a proven process in place. Policies and procedures might not make for thrilling dinner conversation, but they can keep your business from getting embarrassed in the public square.

Which brings us right to the next topic …

5. Controversy (of Any Kind)

Just about everything on social media has the potential to generate controversy.

For example, many pest control companies have found themselves fielding tough questions about the environmental impact of the products they use. This, at least, is foreseeable. But do you really have time to monitor social media for the controversy of the moment and avoid it?

If you want enough time in the day to do what you do best, the answer is “no.”

One huge advantage of a professional social media team is the ability to keep your social accounts “on message” and away from pitfalls that can distract from your work. There’s always something going on out there, but brands do best when they “stay in their lane” – especially smaller local companies.

6. Not Monitoring Results

The difference between marketing and guessing is data – and social media provides plenty of it.

Of course, no one from a social network will actually sit down and tell you how to capture, understand, and use that data. Most social media platforms now have their own analytics software, but coming to grips with using it can take months.

On the other side of the learning curve, social media data can tell you exactly what kind of content resonates with your audience. That helps you spend more time on what makes a real difference.

Data-driven marketing agencies like New York Ave keep an eye on your data at all times. This is what informs adjustments to your strategy on a monthly basis and keeps you on pace toward your goals.

No matter what agency you choose, they should always be willing to sit down and discuss your data. Raw figures aren’t enough – part of a marketer’s job is making it clear where data came from, what it actually means, and why it means that.

Everything is on the table, and all your questions should get full answers.

7. Not Using Social Media at All

Last, but certainly not least, is simply not using social media at all.

How many times have you been shopping for something in your day to day life, clicked through to a brand that might fit the bill, and found a social media page as empty as a Wild West ghost town?

Some businesses make the mistake of using their Facebook page as their main or only point of contact. That means if the page isn’t bustling on a given day, it leaves the impression the business is going under – or has already closed its doors. That’s the opposite of what social media should do.

You’ve probably figured out by now that our position is your business needs a social media strategy tailored to you. But even if you decide social media simply isn’t worth the effort, be sure you have a terrific mobile-friendly website that will stand the test of time as the #1 place to find your brand online.

If that’s the route you go for, having social media pages you never use can actually work against you. Consider closing them if you’re certain you’ll never use them again – or turn them over to a Central Florida digital marketing agency that can do all of the work for you.

You’ll be glad you did.

Get Real Results Faster with Done-for-You Social Media Marketing in Central Florida

It’s time to stop the endless cycle of “getting around” to social media and see the results you want.

At New York Ave, our team has helped Central Florida businesses across diverse industries to grow and scale with social media. We take time to understand you, your business, and your ideal customers. Then, we build a social media presence you will be proud to have associated with your brand.

If you’ve tried everything with social media to no avail – or you’ve “tried to try” but simply can’t find the time or interest – now is your chance to transform social media from a chore into a real marketing asset.

Contact us to find out more today. We look forward to helping you soon.

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