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Does My Pest Control Company Need A Blog? 3 Reasons Why Having One Can Amplify Your SEO

It might seem like there’s not that much to write about pest control – and other pest control companies have probably done it all a thousand times already. But the truth is, a blog from the unique perspective of your business can add value for your customers. And, in the end, that shows up in your bottom line.

Your blog gives you a place to post useful, informative content. It not only helps you attract new visitors but guides them through their goals. Pest control companies that put value on the table from the start, even before they meet a prospective customer, have the chance to build trust.

Still, it might seem from the outside that having a pest control blog works something like this:

  • Write posts
  • ???
  • Profit!

Don’t worry. When you know the details, they make perfect sense. It all comes back to search engine optimization (SEO), the science of making your website more visible and effective online. Here’s how your blog boosts SEO for pest control companies:

1. A Pest Control Blog Raises Your Online Visibility

When someone wants to hear about pest control companies in Central Florida, they don’t reach for the newspaper or Yellow Pages. The first thing they do is go online and type in something like “pest control companies near me.”

Sure enough, Google serves a list of pest control companies within about 30 miles. But how do you actually get on that list? It doesn’t happen automatically – search engines examine the content of your website and associate it with relevant searches.

Writing blog posts that reflect what your ideal customer is searching for gives you the opportunity to show up more prominently in those searches. That usually means answering a question or helping to solve a problem the reader is trying to figure out.

Naturally, you know most people won’t be able to bust their pest problem by going online. It’s often the case, though, that they need time to prove that to themselves. Posting informative articles about how to recognize and combat pests gets more relevant traffic to your website, and visitors will trust you more.

2. A Pest Control Blog Gives People a Reason to Stick Around

The longer someone spends on your website, the more likely they are to stop searching for a pest control company and choose yours. By contrast, those who leave your website within seconds, all without engaging with your content, will never come back – a phenomenon known as bounce rate.

A high bounce rate usually means that whatever page the person first entered didn’t meet their needs. They had the opportunity to keep looking but didn’t bother. By providing information and insights they might value, your blog gives them a resource they feel motivated to dig into.

Think of a traditional retail experience like your local grocery store or a shopping mall. In places like this, there’s always something new to see or try. Everything is presented at its best and most enticing, so you engage with what’s available even if you get distracted from your main “mission.”

Keep this same principle in mind for your website.

Leaving your business forever is as easy as clicking the “back” button, so visitors must see something to pique interest. That almost always means blog content. If your blogs are supported by video storytelling, so much the better. Blogs with video are more memorable and appear higher in search.

3. A Pest Control Blog Moves People Toward Your Conversion Goals

A conversion is an action someone takes on the way to becoming a customer, including the sale itself.

Online searchers “convert” into website visitors when they click on your result in search. Most of them don’t immediately book an appointment, though. There’s a step between as they get to know you and develop the trust necessary to select you as their vendor of choice.

Most of the time, the next conversion is from visitor to email subscriber.

But why would someone invite you to send content to their email?

Usually, it’s because they read a great post on your blog and they want more. Each post can have its own “call to action” moving the reader toward a conversion. A sophisticated piece of content called a lead magnet entices subscribers. The lead magnet is usually a guide to solving the problem they were just reading about. Your blog kindles the flame that makes that lead magnet valuable to your business.

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