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Below is an overview of each service that may be listed in your proposal.

Brand Development

We’ll design your logo to be modern, scalable, and relevant.

People are buying from brands they recognize, trust, and identify with now more than ever before. The opportunities we uncover in the research phase of this project will serve as inspiration for your new logo.

We’ll conduct a trademark search with our preferred IP firm. Increase confidence and protect your ideas with a trademark search conducted by Wolter Van Dyke Davis, PLLC. If there are no conflicts, we’ll apply a TM to the design and assist with pursuing registration.

We’ll supply a brand style guide to help you keep things in order.

Logo usage, color, and fonts say a lot about your brand. That’s why we’ll prepare a comprehensive guide that will help you and your other vendors stick to the plan we’ve designed.

We’ll pull together a design for your business cards.

Sometimes even the most complex ideas are best conveyed with print and human contact. We’ll provide you with the essentials by designing a business card with two variations.

We’ll equip you with matching letterhead and envelope designs.

Making sure your brand is consistent in every interaction a customer or prospect has with your business is crucial. We’ll design custom letterhead and envelopes that match your updated branding and do just that.


We’ll post almost daily content to engage your followers on social media.

In addition to responding to reviews and comments, we’ll work with you to generate positive, educational, and creative content that will spark more conversations about your business online.

Up to three times per year, we’ll create a custom series of video micro-assets that can be utilized with the other marketing systems we have in place.
We’ll send meaningful email campaigns to your customer lists and on occasion, survey your audience for important insights.
Connect customers, prospects, and Google with your content. Sending branded email campaigns and surveys to contact lists boosts brand awareness and provides important data for measuring engagement.
Enhance your website and marketing with custom-built email automations designed to connect your ideal customer with a personalized response sooner.

We’ll work to increase 5-star reviews where they matter most.

Our software identifies ideal customers in your database and automatically requests their feedback, increasing 5-star reviews where they count the most and stopping bad reviews before they happen.

We’ll craft memorable stories about your business with video. Video can impact the way people feel about your business. Up to (X – see proposal) per year, we’ll create a custom video story and deliver assets that can be utilized with the other marketing systems we have in place.

We’ll create or acquire original assets to give you an edge.

Getting and keeping the attention span of your ideal customer has never been more challenging. We’ll create or acquire original material that will help your business look sharp, stay relevant, and be interesting.

Website Development

We’ll work together to discuss your business and marketing strategy.

Knowing your business, evaluating your competition, and understanding your customers sets the stage for a more effective website design. Our process starts with a series of conversations to do just that.

We’ll capture your story with studio-quality photo and video.

The right visuals can help people identify with your brand, remember your services, and make the decision to do business with you. We’ll task our production team with bringing your story to life.

We’ll build a beautiful, responsive, and search optimized website.

Based on a thorough review of your ideas, we’ll design a website for your business that’s engaging and thoughtful. With an intuitive user-interface in place, more of your visitors will find their way toward conversion.

From planning to delivery, our team of experts are hands-on with every step of your project ensuring it won’t suffer from extended timelines, inexperienced middle management, and bloated budgets.

We’ll securely host your new website with lightning fast load times.

Our cloud-based infrastructure provides 99.9% uptime, lightning fast load times, access to a proprietary content management system, security updates and patches, site statistics, and form archiving.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll create relevant blog content that boosts your visibility online.

Studies show that websites with interesting and relevant blog content see increases in their organic traffic, fewer abandonments, and better retention. We’ll create content that builds trust in your brand.

We’ll keep your info accurate and consistent on local directories.

Making it easier to find your business online has never been more important. By submitting and maintaining the right information about your business, we’ll help get you to the first page of search results.

We’ll work to place links to your website’s content on high-quality, third-party websites.

Our white-hat link building services utilize a series of guest blogging and outreach services designed to strengthen your website’s organic search position.


Comprehensive setup and management for digital (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc), direct mail, and/or phone campaigns.

We’ll manage PPC ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Google.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google serve as platforms for increasing the influence and reach of your content. We’ll setup and design new campaigns every month and monitor targeting criteria to optimize spend.

We’ll develop and manage ongoing automated marketing strategies.

Automated, intelligently triggered, marketing actions make disseminating information faster, easier, and more effective. We’ll develop unique offers and downloadable content and build campaigns that help generate qualified leads.

Receive real-time, informative email notifications with our proprietary Lead Alert system so that you and your team can respond quickly and more efficiently.

We’ll design, print, and deliver targeted direct mail campaigns.

Using criteria we develop together, we’ll use targeted direct mail campaigns for reaching more prospective customers. With quarterly campaigns and monthly mailings, we’ll keep your brand in front of thousands of people.

For up to (X – see proposal)​ hours of United States-based cold-calling campaigns for targeted areas/demographics.

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1 Average median salary in Florida for ‘Marketing Director’, based on research by Glassdoor. 2 Retirement calculated at 3% contribution, based on research by nirsonline.org. 3 Health premium average calculated by ranges provided from a 2016 Health Benefits survey. 4 Total employee average calculated at first year and includes the following considerations: $4k onboarding and training, $1k software and subscriptions, and $3.75k outsourcing help. Total agency average based on Florida-located, full-service agency.