Your Brand and Website Should Work Together

It’s very common for small businesses to build an entire website for themselves without thinking about integrating their brand and even more common that they incorporate too much of their brand into the website. Your website and your brand must work together in unity to properly communicate a consistent image to your clients and prospective clients. We wanted to share some thoughts that may help with future website redesigns.
Sketch Out Your Site Structure
Believe it or not, you should evaluate how your site can be built before thinking about how to incorporate your brand. Think of your website structure as the skeleton behind the skin; you need the bones in place first! Storyboard the main pages and highlight areas that you can weave your branding into the picture, but keep it subtle.

Wrap the Site Structure With Your Brand
After that, explore how you can integrate your brand strategy without changing the framework. This will provide you and your company with the groundwork for a successful website that can be integrated into any brand or marketing campaign you may launch. Set it up so the only things you are changing on your website is some verbiage, the feature images and maybe a color or two. You will save a lot of time and money doing this and your clients will appreciate the consistency.

Stop Making Changes After Launch
There is nothing more important than brand loyalty; making changes to your brand and your website structure can shift clients in another direction quickly. After launching your website, changes to your site’s framework shouldn’t be necessary, avoid them at all costs. Focus on adding new content to your blog, testing different calls to action (CTA’s), and reviewing analytics. As a business owner, you may never be completely satisfied with your own website and that’s OK… your clients are and that’s what counts!

Planning on redesigning your website? Want some help thinking through the process? Check out some of our Website Design services and send us a note, we can’t wait to meet you!

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