Your 5 Step Plan to Better Content Creation

When you talk to most small business owners about their biggest challenges with content marketing, most will tell you that they struggle with content creation. Creating quality, value-added content takes a lot of time and often requires a lot of coordination within your organization to pull off a successful strategy.
If you, too, are trying to get a handle on your content marketing efforts, here is a helpful 5 step plan to better content creation:

1. Determine the areas that you would like to address with content creation.
In order to improve your content creation efforts, the very first step that you need to take is to determine which areas that you want to address with your content. For example, here is a list of some areas that may require content creation:

  • Customer education
  • Interviews with customers or influencers in your industry
  • Product reviews
  • Case studies
  • Industry news

2. Come up with different content topics for each category outlined above.
Before you dive right into content creation, take the time to carefully think through some topics ideas for each of the categories that you want to address with content creation.

For example, if customer education is one area that you want to address with content creation, here are some topic ideas for this category:

  • A checklist or tip sheet
  • A list post
  • A whitepaper about what people should do before hiring a business in your industry
  • A tutorial or “how-to” video

3. Determine any overlap of content areas that you want to address with content topics.
In many scenarios, you will outline areas of opportunity to repurpose content, which can greatly assist with your content creation. This can make the process of creating content seem less overwhelming and time-consuming.

For example, if you put together a “how to” blog post to address your need for customer education content, you could repurpose this content by incorporating it into a product review. Of course, you would need to make some tweaks to freshen it up and make it relevant to the product that you are reviewing. Finding opportunities to repurpose your content can save you time and allow your content to go further.

4. Map out a game plan for content creation.
While most business owners have the best of intentions with creating content, they soon become busy with other aspects of their business. As a result, content creation becomes a low priority.

However, when you have a clear game plan of how you will handle content creation, you’ll be more likely to stick to the plan.

To help you map out your content creation game plan, determine which topics are your top priority and how much time you’ll realistically need to create each piece of content. This will then help you to determine a reasonable goal for how often you will want to publish new content.

5. Create a content calendar.
To hold yourself accountable to your content creation goals, create a content calendar that includes the topics that you want to address, keywords that you want to target, and platforms for where the content will be shared. Taking into account how long the average piece of content will take to create and what your content creation resources are will help you to determine how frequently you should schedule content to be published.

It’s true what they say: the more content you publish, the more traffic and leads you will receive. If you use this 5 step process for better content creation, you’ll benefit from creating tremendous awareness for your brand.

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