Write an Effective Social Media Bio for Your Business

When it comes to writing a short description for your business, you’d be surprised how hard it is to cram everything you want to say in such a short space. After all, your business is awesome and every accolade you ever received should be listed, right? Well, while you’re business probably is awesome, you don’t have to spell out every detail for people to know it. Here are 3 tips we put together to help you write a short, engaging, and effective social media bio for your business
Keep it Under 160 Characters
Twitter limits user bios to 160 characters, which is a good thing. It forces you to decide exactly what’s most important about your business that you feel people should know when glancing over your profile. You have just 160 characters to explain who you are, what you do, the things you enjoy, and anything else you feel is important to share. Social Media platforms provide a place for meaningful interaction, keep that in mind when composing your 160 character bio. Try to be descriptive, personal, and fun.

Use @’s and #’s Where Appropriate
Facebook recently adopted hashtags (#), which Twitter popularized years ago and other social media platforms such as Instagram also utilize. Hashtags provide a way for people to search out content within that particular social media platform. In addition, they also give brands the ability to promote themselves in a unique way. @’s work on most platforms and are commonly used to mention (or, tag) other users or businesses. While knowing how to use both of these when engaging with others on social media is important, you can also choose to utilize them in your bio. You may want to mention the businesses founder in your bio or hashtag something unique to your business.

Keywords Matter Here Too
Your social media profiles have the potential for SEO too, so don’t forget to optimize your bios with keywords when writing them. Search engines are scanning through everything on the internet all the time and they love it when they can find similar content related to a single entity. If you compose a unique bio for your business and utilize it on all of your social media profiles, you’re sure to attract some attention from the search giants.

Don’t get overwhelmed when thinking about how to compose the perfect bio, you can always adjust it later. The most important part of composing the right bio for your business is determining how to define your business correctly and in such a small space with so few words. Have fun with it, try something new, and keep refining it until you come up with the perfect fit for you and your business!

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