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Why Your Social Media Isn’t Performing And What To Do About It

Many business owners get started with social media, stick with it for a while, then find it doesn’t yield results. They end up wasting time and wondering what they did wrong while competitors in the very same industry rocket ahead of them in the social world.
As common as this is, it doesn’t have to happen to you.

No matter what industry you’re in, there are others having tremendous success with social media. That’s especially true if yours is a business that provides specialized expertise to your customers – coaches, consultants, and those in professional services.

Let’s look at social media for business: What most do wrong and how to make it right.

Why Doesn’t Social Media Work The First Time For Most Businesses?
Two huge misconceptions have taken root about how social media works:

  • The idea that all you have to do is show up – “if you build it, they will come.”
  • The belief that social media is the magic key to lead generation all on its own.

It’s true: Social media puts you in the same space with most of the celebrities, influencers, and potential customers in your market. But it’s not a giant cocktail party where you can meet anyone at any time and go straight to a sale – and that’s how it’s been portrayed.

Because of these misconceptions, most businesses misuse social media in one of two ways:

  • They try to connect with and chat up cold prospects who ultimately never convert.
  • They “talk to a wall” about what makes them special, impressing virtually no one.

When social media is regarded as the golden ticket to more business leads, it mostly leads to disappointment. Very few brands can survive with social media as their main or only form of digital marketing: Entertainment sites catering to internet culture are the exception.

So: If social media can’t get you sales right off the bat, what the heck is it for?

50 Million Businesses Are Connecting On Social Media: Here’s What They Know
Social media’s greatest strength isn’t in lead generation, but brand engagement.

Engagement is a person’s willingness to interact with and learn about your brand. Social media engagement is measured in visible interactions such as likes, shares, and comments – but it’s really a proxy for something more much substantial.

The higher your level of engagement, the more likely it is prospects convert to leads, leads become customers, and customers develop into brand advocates who’ll refer business your way.

When you use social media, you’re making a commitment to stay relevant by engaging with the big topics your customers care about. The best way to do that is to use social media to amplify your most useful, helpful, and informative content.

Then, you can build relationships on that foundation.

Good content provides momentum that keeps you on track with your social strategy. It lets you maintain consistent communication with your growing social following without spending all your time saying “Buy our stuff,” a message most people tune out.

Unique content is the cornerstone of your efforts to spark conversation around your brand.

If you’re already posting at least one new piece of content to your site weekly, you can benefit from social media. To generate consistent value, though, daily social media posts are the answer. They turn social media into a brand engagement superstar.

The Secrets To Social Media Posts That Get 10X Engagement
Businesses on social media aren’t just looking for fifteen minutes of fame. You want people to know your capabilities well enough so when they have a problem, they come to you first.

That means crafting posts that cut through the clutter and provoke a response.

How? These tactics can boost social engagement by 10X:

  • Visuals: Photos and illustrations are more noticeable and memorable for viewers.
  • Videos: Social users, especially those using mobile devices, love to watch videos.
  • Interactive Content: Tests, quizzes, and insightful morsels earn plenty of shares.

The problem? Designing elements to give every post the right tone can add tons of time and overhead to your social media management. You can easily find yourself pulled down into the social media rabbit hole. Before that happens, talk to an agency.

The right digital marketing agency will empower you with hands-free social media management. All of your social media accounts stay active and impactful while you focus on what you do best. No more stopping to check social media notifications all day!

Plus, you can automate the toughest part of satisfying your social media audience: Follow up.

More customers are taking to social media to make their opinions about brands known. When they see you have a social media account, they assume they can get full-spectrum support.

A nimble social media strategy means engaging in real conversation with users, including answering their questions, escalating those that need priority attention, and riffing on comments.

This can be a tall order: In the beginning, results are slow to show up, and as you get more social traffic, your attention can be pulled in a dozen directions at once.

The care and feeding of your social media accounts can take all day long – so why not leave it to the experts?

Let Your Social Media Strategy Flow With New York Ave
At New York Ave, social media isn’t an afterthought – it’s a passion.

Through our deep understanding of your brand, value, and voice, we infuse all your social media communications with the personal touch. Your followers won’t feel like they’re talking to a lifeless crash dummy, but a perceptive and personable team focused on their needs.

It can happen, and it doesn’t need to take up all your energy, either.

Get on board with social media that produces real results. Contact New York Ave today.

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