Why You Need to Have an eCommerce Website to Grow Your Business

For the first time ever, more consumers are making purchases online than in stores. In a 2016 survey compiled by analytics firm comScore, 51 percent of shoppers prefer to make purchases online. This trend of more shoppers turning to the internet to make purchases will continue, making it necessary for your business to have an eCommerce website design.
Here are several additional reasons why investing in an eCommerce website design is worth your while:

1. Expands your geographical reach.
While a physical storefront is ideal for customers that live nearby, you can reach customers around the globe by creating an eCommerce website. Pairing your online store with your SEO and social media strategy will raise awareness of your business and drive more traffic to your website. Because your online store never closes, you can sell products and service any hour of the day.

2. Provides you with valuable data about consumer behaviors.
The data and insight that an online store provides your business with will allow you to make more informed decisions surrounding how to expand your inventory and spend your advertising budget. You can also add features such as wish lists and coupon codes that will also prove to be helpful in determining which of your products and services are most desirable.

3. Makes your website mobile-friendly.
More and more of today’s consumers are shopping online using their smartphones. Adding an eCommerce element will allow your website to be responsive (or mobile-friendly), therefore creating a better user experience and boosting your search ranking.

4. Creates a website that is easy to use, both internally and externally.
If you want to get results from your eCommerce website, it needs to be well-built. At New York Ave, we use the most efficient technology to design, build, and manage our clients’ online stores. We also provide thorough training to make it easy for your business and customers to navigate through the eCommerce website.

Today’s consumers appreciate the convenience that online shopping offers. By creating an eCommerce website, you’ll benefit from having a wider customer reach and valuable insight about your customers’ behaviors on your website. An eCommerce website design is also mobile-friendly, helping to enhance the user experience and improve your search ranking. Given the many benefits that adding an online storefront to your business provides, you really can’t afford to not use an eCommerce website to take your business to the next level.

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