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Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook Email Marketing in 2019

As you look for opportunities to re-engage your leads at the start of the new year, make email marketing a priority. With the exciting advancements in ways to communicate online with prospective customers (interactive chatbots, social media messenger tools, etc), it can be easy to overlook email.
However, considering that 90.9 percent of online consumers in the U.S. are active email users, email is an outlet that you can’t ignore. In fact, given the increasing number of people using ad blocking tools and the growing consumer distrust of social media platforms, it’s more important than every to make email marketing a core component of your digital marketing strategy.

Email is One of the Few Mediums that Remains Untarnished by Pay-to-Play Strategies
Thanks to the internet, consumers are able to engage with brands on an entirely new level. People are coming to your website to research products and services, read reviews from actual customers, interact with your brand in real-time via chat tools, and more. Many marketers are turning to paid advertising tactics and social media to drive more traffic to their websites. However, with the increasing use of ad blockers and concerns surrounding data security on social media, these strategies are becoming less effective. Email is one of the few mediums that remains untarnished by these pay-to-play strategies, and marketers that use email as a channel to reach their audience will benefit in 2019.

Why Email Marketing Needs to Be a Component of Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy
One trend that’s hard not to notice is that consumers want long-form content once again, and email is the ideal outlet for delivering this type of content. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you need to use email marketing in 2019 to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your return:

1. Delivers Authenticity
With the typical consumer being exposed to as many as 5,000 marketing messages each day, it’s no wonder that people crave authenticity. Aside from blog posts, email is one of the best ways to serve your audience with meaningful, authentic content to allow you to establish an emotional connection with your readers.

A best practice is to work storytelling into your emails. Use email as an opportunity to share your brand’s story, your customers’ experiences with your brand, or even both. This will help to give your email subscribers are more accurate and transparent picture of what it’s like to do business with you. Furthermore, bringing storytelling into email marketing will help to demonstrate the real-life benefits of your products and services.

With so much business being conducted online these days, the consumers are often the ones directing themselves through the sales funnel versus the salespeople. Using email to create personalized experiences with authentic content in 2019 will help your brand to stand apart from the competition and cultivate a base of brand evangelists.

2. Appeals to Mobile Users
The majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices. In fact, according to a recent survey, 75 percent of consumers prefer to use their smartphones to check their email. However, surprisingly, only one in five email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile users.

With the number of smartphone users on the rise, it’s imperative that your business uses email marketing to capture a mobile audience in 2019. Consider using large graphics that make it easy for email subscribers to click-through to arrive on your website. Of course, your website needs to be equally mobile-friendly as well or you risk losing your prospective customers.

Since consumers are now using their mobile devices to shop (often directly from an email), you want your calls-to-action to make the conversion process as seamless as possible. Optimizing your emails for mobile viewing will be indispensable to your digital marketing strategy in 2019 and will allow you to maximize your email marketing ROI.

3. Creates an Opportunity to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Customer Experience
We’ve talked about concerns that the influx of artificial intelligence (AI) would be the end of email marketing. However, the reality is that this could not be further from the truth. Combining AI with the emails that you send out will actually strengthen your overall email marketing strategy in 2019, not deter from its success.

Embracing the use of AI with your email marketing efforts will allow you to determine which combinations of content will generate the best results with your campaigns. The valuable insight that AI offers will also make you aware of your highest performing promotions to use email help nudge more subscribers through your sales funnel.

In summary, while email may not be the sexiest marketing outlet, it will continue to remain one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing channels for your business in 2019.

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