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Why Video Is The Winning Move For Plastic Surgeon Online Marketing

Cosmetic surgeons have a lot of objections to overcome before a client will reach out to them – let alone actually get in the chair. Here’s the challenge: Most of their concerns don’t have to do with the cost of the procedure, the techniques used, or the recovery time. They’re much more subjective.
Questions like these are bubbling under the surface of your leads’ minds:

  • “Do I care enough about this to undergo surgery?”
  • “If I do it, will I actually get the results I want?”
  • “How will other people react to my new look?”

You might be following a terrific content marketing plan to the letter. You might have plenty of blogs reassuring clients your procedures are safe. You might provide everything they’d need to figure out if your services fit their budget and timeframe.

But without answers to those nagging doubts, they probably won’t move forward.

Now, many of your leads will work through these issues on their own – eventually.

They’ll do more research on your site and others. In some cases, they might discover a friend or two who’s already been down the same road. In others, they’ll check out an online community.

What’s really going on during all this time? They’re overcoming their doubts.

Facts alone aren’t enough to help people overcome their doubts. You need the facts on your side, yes, but you also need to connect with them on a deeper level.

That’s exactly where digital marketing for plastic surgeons comes in.

And video is the key to unlocking its full potential.

Video Marketing Brings Your Lead Generation Power To The Next Level
Content marketing is the process of publishing helpful, informative content on your site so you can attract visitors, convert them into leads, and build a relationship of trust that leads to a buy.

The backbone of content marketing is blog posts. Blogs can help people answer their questions and solve their problems. They’re also a way to showcase your expertise. But they don’t do it all alone.

For cosmetic surgeons, video is essential to reaching your lead generation goals online.

Video has unmatched marketing advantages:

1. Video Skyrockets Your Search Visibility
Search engines love video. Using video on your site raises search engine traffic more than 150%. Video is so powerful, it’ll make a buy more likely even when the user doesn’t actually watch it.

2. Video Keeps Visitors On Your Site Longer
Sources estimate people spend anywhere from 88%-100% more time on sites with video. The longer someone spends on your site, the more likely they are to reach out for more information.

3. Video Is Much More Memorable Than Text
Since practically the start of e-commerce, usability research has screamed that people don’t read online. In fact, they read about 20% of text while retaining 80% or more of the content in videos.

4. Video Makes Social Media And Email More Effective
Video will add marketing value no matter where you use it. Video gets more social media shares than text or still images combined. It also improves click-through rates on marketing emails.

You Know Video Works – How Should Cosmetic Surgeons Use It?
There’s one superpower video has that isn’t captured by these stats alone: the personal touch.

People have to know, like, and trust you before they’ll buy from you. That goes double for plastic surgeons, since most people are afraid of surgery.

In a recent survey, 88% of respondents said they were afraid of procedures requiring anesthesia. More than 77% of those worried about pain.

With video, you can ease those fears and any others leads have. You have the opportunity to talk to hundreds or thousands of website visitors and still provide them with a human connection.

Here’s how cosmetic surgeons can make the most of video:

1. Introduce Yourself And Your Team
There may be a half dozen places where leads can get a certain treatment, but there’s only one you. They’ll ultimately make their decision based on whether they feel good about you and your team – and video is the next best thing to meeting you in person.

A video doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Just 2-3 minutes may be enough to give a quick overview of your practice. You can briefly introduce office staff or others the client will interact with and talk a little bit about what values drive your business.

2. Show Your Office And Your Equipment
First impressions count. It only takes seconds for leads to judge for themselves whether your space looks clean, comfortable, and safe.

A simple smartphone video can be the perfect way to walk them through the office and show what you have to offer.

At the same time, you can describe any state of the art equipment or other features they should know about.

3. Showcase Your Client Success Stories
Ultimately, social proof is the best way to get through to most cosmetic surgery leads. They want to know that others “just like them” have had amazing results.

Text reviews on sites like Yelp, or even on your own site, are great – but nothing brings the point home quite like video.

Not every client will be interested in leaving a video testimonial, but always follow up to ask after the recovery period.

4. Enhance Blog Posts With Video
Slightly longer videos, not more than five minutes, can recap the important points of your blog posts. This’ll help you educate clients who don’t have time to stop and read a longer page of text. Plus, posts with video will bring more viewers to your site over time.

At New York Ave, we help businesses like yours stand out. Video is a big part of our collaborative marketing approach. Contact our team today to chat about how video can fit into your complete digital marketing strategy.

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