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Why Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Generation Z

In recent years, marketers have invested an enormous amount of time and energy into understanding the unique needs and preferences of the Millennial generation (born between 1981 and 1997). While this demographic deserves attention (as of 2018, Millennials have the most spending power of any generation), it’s important that marketers also shift some attention to another up-and-coming group of consumers: Generation Z.
What is Generation Z?
The demographics for Generation Z typically include those born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. While Generation Z is similar to the Millennial generation, the key difference is that Gen Z consumers have never known a time in their lives when they didn’t have access to the internet or smartphones. Because of this, they’re extremely comfortable with the use of technology and social media, perhaps even more so than Millennials.

Why Should Generation Z Matter to Your Business?
Why should you care about understanding Generation Z? Well, in just three years, the population of Gen Z will reach approximately 2.5 billion people, which will outnumber Millennials. To further put this into perspective, Generation Z already makes up 20 percent of the U.S. population and is continuing to grow.

As you develop your content marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond, it’s critical that you take Generation Z into consideration. You need a marketing partner that can provide you with valuable insight into this generation’s preferences, behaviors, and motivations.

The 3 Key Characteristics that Members of Gen Z Share
If you’re targeting teens and 20-somethings, you need to be aware of three characteristics that many of the members of Generation Z share: attention to personal appearance, need for immediate gratification, and fascination with the “Instagram Effect.” This makes sense considering that this is the first generation to grow up in a public spotlight where most of the big moments in their lives were documented online. Let’s take a look at these three key characteristics of Gen Z members to see how they would appeal to content marketers:

1. Attention to Personal Appearance
Generation Z has grown up on social media. They have spent much of their lives judging others (and being judged themselves) based on the pictures that are posted on social media. As a result, they have learned to attach great importance to their personal appearance.

Marketers should know that many members of Generation Z would find products tied to appearance to be particularly appealing. However, equally as attractive are experiences this generation can have to show their social media audiences that they’re leading fun and meaningful lives worth envying.

2. Need for Immediate Gratification
In a world of Amazon Prime and on-demand services such as Netflix and Uber, the Generation Z population has become accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it. Not only do they crave immediacy, but they expect it.

Finding ways to engage members of Generation Z in real-time will prove to be beneficial for marketers. Use a Facebook chatbot to greet visitors when they arrive on your Facebook page and answer common questions. Incorporate a live chat feature into your website so you can provide customer service to website visitors without the wait. Since Generation Z has been conditioned to expect a fast response, the more you can find ways to interact with this generation in real-time, the more successful your business will be.

3. Fascination with the “Instagram Effect”
Many members of Generation Z choose to follow celebrities and influencers on social media. From the exotic travels, fancy cars, and the latest fashions, it’s no wonder that this generation has gotten caught up in the “Instagram Effect” where only the glamorous parts of life are shown.

What tends to capture this generation’s attention on social media is visually-striking, native content. Marketers can use the “Instagram Effect” to their advantage by creating native social media advertisements that include eye-catching imagery that indirectly persuade consumers to want to learn more.

Partner with a Content Marketing Agency to Appeal to Generation Z
For the best results with reaching Generation Z, you need an experienced content marketing partner that can help you to better understand the art and science of targeting this generation.

Our creative team at New York Ave is committed to helping you increase brand awareness and search visibility by establishing a content marketing strategy for your business that has been carefully tailored to appeal to your target audience. By being more intentional with the content that you create and share online, you’ll experience an influx in traffic and, more importantly, quality leads.

With the population of Generation Z rapidly rising, your business can’t afford to ignore the unique needs and preferences of this up-and-coming generation. Contact us at New York Ave to learn more about how we can help you to target Generation Z with your content marketing efforts.

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