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Why Good Communication Between Website Designers and Developers Matters

While many people still continue to use the phrases “website design” and “website development” interchangeably, we’ve talked in great detail on our blog about how these two terms are actually very different.

In today’s digital age, your website is critical to the success of your business. That’s why you really can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t positively contribute to your business.

In order to create a successful website that offers the best user experience, you need to have good communication between your website designer and developers.

The Common Disconnect Problem Between Designers and Developers
All too often, website developers are left in the dark during the website design stage and aren’t brought in until needed. As a result, the design and usability features may not align with web development, and the person that ends up suffering is your website visitor (and ultimately your business, too).

If you want to offer the best user experience to your customers, you’ll want to involve web developers in the website design process from the beginning so that a team approach can be taken. Even more, this team can be highly effective if they have the opportunity to meet some of the end-users and learn from them about the types of functionality that they want and expect in a website.

The Importance of Defining Team Communication Up Front
Having a meeting with the website designer, website developer, and the client on the front-end of the process can help to establish individual roles and how each person will work together. During this time, ground rules can be set for how frequently communication should take place.

As a best practice, a system should be put in place so that all involved parties can share the results of their work as each piece of the puzzle is completed. This will prevent the team from working through a long process to find that one person in the party is not satisfied with the final product.

When creating a website for your business, you need to keep in mind that a website developer and website designer are two halves of the same coin. If one of them fails, the project will ultimately fail. Not only can a poor functioning website damage your business’s hard-earned reputation, but it can also end up costing you a lot of money as well.

In summary, take the time to find an agency that offers both website design and website development services to provide you with a high-quality website that will truly work for your business. Be sure to talk to the prospective agency about how their communication process works with all parties involved in the creation of your website to ensure that you will be satisfied with the end-result.

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