Why Businesses Need A Well-Balanced Marketing Strategy

Published on March 26, 2024

In business, as in life, strategy trumps tactics. That’s just as true in marketing as anywhere else.

All business leaders have heard a modern brand needs social media, for example. But even knockout social media—with a compelling, consistent brand voice that speaks directly to your audience’s needs—won’t do enough on its own to move you toward your goals. In isolation, neither will blog writing, SEO, or all the rest.

Even well-established businesses with $25 million or more in annual revenue are used to hearing the opposite message: That you simply need to load your quiver with marketing tactics and then keep going until you start hitting the target. And there’s a good reason why that’s the prevailing wisdom, even though it’s wrong:

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The “just do it” approach to digital marketing is championed by freelancers and those small “digital marketing agencies” that are usually just one or two people. Since even the most serious professional marketer has only one or two specializations, every small-time player wants to claim their tactic is the most effective one around.

The truth, of course, is that no tactic can do the job of a strategy.

That’s where a full-service marketing agency comes in.

Here’s What a Real Strategic Marketing Plan Includes (Hint: It’s About More Than Marketing Tools)

Unbalanced approaches to marketing mean you end up putting all or most of your eggs in one basket. Not only does this make it harder to reach your whole audience, but it can put your entire marketing investment at risk.

Take a recent example: As TikTok rises in prominence, more so-called “digital marketing experts” are hawking it as the next big thing. But think about it: Among all the major social media platforms, TikTok’s audience is by far the youngest on average. There are plenty of products and services they simply won’t buy – roofing, for example.

So, you can end up on a popular platform and still end up talking to nobody.

As a rule, New York Ave looks at where your audience actually is—including the people who can become your future leads, prospects, customers, and repeat customers. We determine how they research services like yours, where they hang out, and how they share information and insights.

Then we build accordingly with a focus on the techniques that matter most.

While every one of our strategic marketing plans is tailored to a specific customer, there are a few things they tend to have in common. They aren’t “one size fits all.” Instead, they usually include a little bit of everything a brand needs to ensure it has sufficient coverage throughout the customer journey.

Marketing is complex, and showing up where your customers are has never been more complicated. To make it a manageable (and affordable) prospect, it has to begin with an understanding of who you want to target and what action you want them to take. The decision of which marketing tools to use follows from that.

A well-balanced marketing strategy decreases the likelihood of a customer or prospect falling through the cracks. You can think of your marketing as a “bridge” that helps move a person from Awareness of what’s bothering them to Awareness of your solution, Consideration of their options, and finally a Decision.

Each marketing technique is a slat in that bridge. Prospects can overcome small gaps – but the larger the gap is, the more likely it is they’ll find it insurmountable. And what might seem like a small gap from your perspective might yawn like the Grand Canyon to someone who doesn’t really know if you can deliver on your promises.

How Unbalanced Marketing Falls Apart, No Matter How Much Money You Spend on It

These are all examples we’ve seen from customers who dealt with freelancers or a smaller, less credible marketing agency before looking for a full-service marketing agency like New York Ave. Similar stories are a dime a dozen, happening every day to businesses of all sizes and industries:

A company that goes all-in on social media management but fails to update and modernize its website ends up with eager visitors flowing from places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – and yes, maybe even TikTok – but then they run into a brick wall. They can’t find what they need on your website and the transaction is over.

In a case like this, the social media accounts are like an open door. But when you walk into the house and find out it’s on fire, it only takes seconds to turn around and walk away. A website that isn’t fast, secure, and highly responsive to smartphones will never turn today’s online traffic into business.

And when a website is getting traffic that doesn’t do anything for your bottom line, it’s pure overhead. Every one of those people is taking time, energy, and resources away from potential customers. That might seem a little abstract, but it results in a real website slowdown that makes your digital marketing less effective.

A company that goes all-in on search engine optimization (SEO) but fails to work on its email marketing has a different problem. You’ll get more visitors to your website, and some of those will set an appointment or buy. But the majority won’t – and without an email marketing list, there’ll be no way to build a relationship.

Buying from you is a big ask, especially if a first-time website visitor has never heard of you before. Your email marketing list is the key to staying at the top of a new visitor’s mind for the weeks and months it might take for them to make a decision. Regular email communication enables you to establish yourself as a trusted expert.

No email marketing is the equivalent of telling someone to make a decision right now, just like asking them to marry you before they’ve even had the first date. Not surprisingly, that decision will be “no” in more than 99% of cases. The gaps in your bridge from visitor to customer are simply too wide to leap.

A blended approach to marketing from a full-service marketing agency is what companies like yours need.

New York Ave Is Here to Help You Meet Customers and Prospects Where They’re At When They’re There

There are more distractions, more options, and more opportunities for your prospects and customers than ever before. Everyone is competing for their attention – and many of them are guarding it more closely. Unbalanced marketing is like trying to catch rainwater in a bucket full of holes.

These days, the marketing landscape is so complex and fast-moving, you need an ally.

New York Ave strives to be the full-service marketing agency that empowers established businesses so they can move beyond organic growth and make marketing-driven growth really work for them. Once you’ve seen the difference a balanced approach makes, you’ll never want anything less for your business.

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