Why Builders That Hire Marketing Agencies Win Higher Value Clients

Published on December 5, 2023

When business owners start out, they often end up wearing many hats – and that’s especially true for builders. It’s important to recruit your team, develop your processes, and expand your book of clients so you can avoid feast or famine cycles that make it tough to get established.

After a few years, things start to settle. It seems like clear sailing ahead, and you’re ready to zero in on what you are passionate about – Planning and executing building projects with homeowners. But that’s when a “funny” thing happens. After a few successes, keeping your pipeline of business full often takes more effort, not less.

That promised reward of deep-diving into what really matters to you suddenly recedes into the background. In its place, you find yourself spending more time marketing and advertising, and less time handling projects. For most builders, this isn’t sustainable. It can even lead to burnout.

Don’t let this cycle stop you in your tracks. Instead, hire a marketing agency.

Accelerate Your Growth and Exceed Your Expectations with a Marketing Agency

Builders aren’t the only business leaders who experience a bottleneck when they hit that tricky point between a small business and a mid-sized one. Creating opportunities for prospective customers to come to you is the key to sustainable growth, but it’s not always obvious how to get there.

This is a tough transition for builders because they need to align marketing and staffing capacity. When one exceeds the other, it’s a headache that can lead to missed deadlines and cost overruns. For builders already managing complex projects, running a marketing campaign can be a daunting prospect.

When it feels like you’re making an impossible choice – between growing your business or maintaining the quality of what you deliver – change the equation. By hiring a marketing agency, you don’t have to choose.

A marketing agency that understands the building trade can design and launch marketing campaigns tailored to your ideal customers. Over the months, that leads to a more predictable, robust customer acquisition flow that ultimately leaves you choosing the jobs you want.

But the benefits go beyond the obvious:

Renewed Confidence in Your Brand

The more complex a service is, the more research a buyer does. Building projects is a big commitment with lots of variables, so getting desirable customers to know, like, and trust you takes more than showing off samples of your work: It requires compelling marketing.

With the backing of a marketing agency, you can have greater confidence in your brand than ever. Experienced, multi-talented marketers will be hard at work ensuring your audience knows your capabilities. When it’s time to close an agreement, many customers will already be eager to do it.

More Control Over the Work You Love

With a marketing agency by your side, you can be as involved or hands-off as you wish. For instance, your New York Ave project manager will always be available for questions and regular meetings will help you get the real insights behind your marketing performance. At the same time, you win back time you can invest elsewhere.

Don’t get us wrong: When a company’s leaders are involved in marketing, it can bring campaigns to the next level. Customers love video storytelling direct from you. But in our experience, most builders are more excited to commit time to working with homeowners to realize their goals, knowing their marketing is in good hands.

Truly Professional Support and Advice

When you delve into marketing yourself, it’s difficult to know what’s working and what’s not. The same is true if you hire freelance marketers: The quality of their service varies wildly, and they may not be able to explain why a campaign went the way it did. A true marketing agency offers vetted, data-backed advice.

A reliance on data, not just theory, is one of the biggest drivers of high-value agreements for builders. New York Ave captures data from interactions with all your digital properties, including your website, social media, and much more. This leads to monthly refinements that compound over time, making it easier to bring in top clients.

Focus on What You Do Best and Leave the Rest to Us

The sooner you get started with a marketing agency, the sooner you can bring in better customers. Results are often visible in months, compared to the years it takes to do it yourself – and if anyone knows the pitfalls of “DIY,” it’s you. Hire us for the same reason homeowners hire you: To leave it to the professionals.

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