Why A Florida Marketing Company “Near Me” Is Your Best Bet For Superb Results

Published on May 4, 2021
As you read this, there are thousands of digital marketing companies operating from coast to coast.

Over the last twenty years, digital marketing has gradually evolved from an “anything goes” Wild West to a truly results-oriented practice. Using the right data, you can get reliable, repeatable results with scientific precision.

And you can do it all knowing that your digital marketing strategy reflects your highest values: Ethics, integrity, and care for your customers.

Digital marketing is no longer an afterthought or an adjunct to “real” marketing. Instead, obnoxious traditional methods like cold calling have fallen by the wayside. These now represent outbound marketing, describing all the approaches businesses can use to interrupt a prospective customer’s life and seize attention by force.

By comparison, digital platforms equip you to embrace inbound marketing. It is no longer necessary to burst onto the scene and take over the flow of a customer’s day: Instead, you connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer at the very moment they express that interest through search or social media.

Interactions between your future customers and brand can happen anywhere at any time.

Like all marketing, the fundamental goal of modern digital marketing is to turn prospects into leads and leads into customers. Because of its unique capabilities, however, inbound digital marketing can go one step further.

Done right, your small business website can become a 24-hour lead engine. That is, prospects can be drawn to your website, explore your content, engage with your offerings through social media or your email list, and reach the cusp of a buying decision all without active input from a sales professional.

Thousands of businesses, across all industries and size categories, have achieved this goal.

When it comes to digital marketing, then, the stakes are nothing less than the whole future of your business. By partnering with the right digital marketing agency, you can transform your entire relationship with customers.

When your website is doing the heavy lifting for your lead generation strategy, it liberates you to focus your energy and attention on the underlying drivers of your business success. You have more time to plant the “important, but not urgent” seeds of future prosperity, such as developing new products.

It might seem like, simply by the nature of technology, it doesn’t really matter where your marketing agency “lives.” As long as the digital marketing agency you choose has the right talents and skills under one roof, you are in a prime position to benefit from everything digital marketing has to offer.


It may look that way at first, but companies that choose a marketing agency “near me” have better results.

And since digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, capturing wins early can mean compounding advantages down the line. That is especially true for brands that operate in Central Florida, in communities around Volusia County, Marion County, Lake County, Seminole County, Orange County, and Sumter County.

With A Marketing Company “Near Me,” The Local Touch Makes All The Difference

There were dozens of other bars all around Boston, so why did so many people always go to Cheers?

Simple. It’s “where everybody knows your name.”

In the demanding era we live in, it’s all too easy for warm, convivial relationships to turn into a last-place priority. But when you are looking for a team you can trust to help you shape your brand and present it to the world, it’s crucial to add those two little words and look for a marketing company “near me.”

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a local digital marketing agency makes sense:

1. You Will Actually Know Who Is Doing The Work For You

Ten years ago, everyone and their dog was out hanging a virtual shingle as a digital marketing agency.

These days, it is easier than ever to verify when your digital marketing investment is leading to real, measurable results. Over time, that means many of the wannabes – including, for example, high school students out to make some quick side cash – have predictably dropped out.

There are more reliable, proven professionals in the digital marketing field now than at any time previously. But that doesn’t mean you can choose just anyone from the first page of Google results and expect excellence. A marketing company “near me” is still the winner, hands down.

One of the biggest reasons why is because you can confirm who is doing the work.

Many of today’s digital marketing “teams” are a one-person show. The founder might seem particularly charismatic, and be good at talking about what digital marketing can do. But who is performing the actual hands-on work of search engine optimization, blog writing, and the rest – and what are their credentials?

If you pick a digital marketing agency from Anytown, USA off the internet, there may be no way to find out.

That’s because these small, untested operations rely on a slick website to make you think they are much bigger and more capable than they really are. In reality, most of the work is done on a per-project basis by independent vendors on a website like Fiverr, where you can get “business logo designs” for $5.

Those designs, in turn, are automatically generated by a mobile phone application. They don’t represent any deep thought about what makes your business special and how your brand should communicate it. If you filled out an intake form, they probably took that information and put it directly into their app.


When you select a marketing company near me, on the other hand, you’re starting a relationship energized by the basis of all good relationships: Trust. The local marketing agency you choose should be as interested in your success as in its own – after all, the two are intertwined.

Local marketing agencies in Florida are much more likely to rely on strong customer reviews and referral business as the basis of their growth. One-person “agencies” can simply change names if they don’t deliver, and large national enterprises are much more concerned about scale than individual results.

If you want real rapport and a team that truly cares, a marketing company near me is the way to go.

2. Local Marketing Companies In Florida Understand Your Customers Better Than Anyone

Here’s a common debate that comes up when non-Floridians try to wrap their minds around Florida:

Is Florida part of “the South” or isn’t it?

Look on a map and the answer seems pretty obvious: Figuratively and literally, it’s as south as you can get.

But your impression of Florida – and of what Floridians are like – would be very different if you lived in Miami versus Tallahassee, or even in DeLand versus Daytona Beach. And just think how much harder it would be to sort truth from fiction if you had only seen Florida on TV or heard stories online about “Florida Man.”

Florida isn’t what you see on CSI: Miami. So why pick a marketing agency that thinks it is?

This has a real, practical impact on your business and the way it’s perceived.

A roofing contractor based in coastal Broward County deals with very different customer concerns than one operating inland in rural Highlands County. Hurricanes are much more likely to be an existential threat in one place than the other, and rules around wind mitigation and flooding can vary significantly, influencing products and prices.

All of this deep, inside knowledge needs to be reflected in your digital marketing.

Sure, a lot of your website will feature “evergreen content” that’s broadly applicable to most of your customers. Only a small fraction of that content would be deep enough to compare roofing regulations from one county to another. But that meaty, sophisticated content has a necessary place in your toolkit.

In fact, it appeals to the people who are closest to making a buying decision!

Local knowledge allows Florida marketing companies, especially a marketing company “near me,” to get into the minds of your prospective customers. Your marketing team needs to turn knowledge about how people think into compelling, powerful marketing plans that move the needle on your business.

Local firms do it faster and more effectively because they have the context down.

3. Communications – And Creativity – Flow Better With A Marketing Company “Near Me”

Be honest: Once 2021 is over, do you ever want to go to another Zoom meeting?
Digital technology is amazing. It helps people change the world for the better every day. But if it were really a perfect substitute for face-to-face interaction, digital marketing companies wouldn’t have to work so hard to craft the perfect email message, blog article, or social media post.

The fact is, there’s lots of room for mistakes and misinterpretation whenever communication goes online. And even the “digital natives” of the Millennial generation can benefit from a cup of coffee and a chat when it’s time to talk about their digital branding efforts.

The spontaneous, free flow of ideas in a safe and comfortable environment brings out creative prowess in all of us. It leads to discoveries and epiphanies that might not arise otherwise. And as the customer, it allows you to ask questions and engage with the process as much as you desire.

In today’s fast-moving world, another person’s undivided attention is an increasingly rare commodity. As a Florida digital marketing company, we understand just how precious that attention can be. And we believe it is the very first thing you are owed when you choose to trust a team of digital marketing experts.

Not everything has to be done face-to-face, of course. Eventually, you’ll get to know your marketing team and establish the right rhythm for you. But one of the biggest reasons to pick a “digital marketing company near me” is the fact that when you want to meet in person, the option is always there.

It makes things easier, more effective, and yes … even more fun.

At New York Ave, we want to be the local marketing company you come back to again and again. The longer you pursue digital marketing and the more consistent your efforts, the better your results will be. To make that happen, you need – and deserve – a strong relationship with a Florida marketing company you can trust.

You’ve seen the rest, now see the difference that a local perspective can make for you.

To get started, contact the team at New York Ave. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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