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Why a Custom Logo Design is Important for Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner with a limited budget, you may wonder if investing in custom logo design is worth it. The answer is yes, hands down! Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand’s identity. The design of your logo should symbolize what your business stands for and differentiate you from your competition.
Considering that your logo is often the first impression that consumers will have of your business, you can’t afford to not put your best foot forward.

Instead of having a friend that knows a little something about graphic design create your logo, outsource logo design to a professional marketing agency. Here are five convincing reasons why investing in a custom logo design is worth it for your small business:

1. Solidifies your branding strategy.
To give your brand an identity, you need to give your business a name and a face. Your logo is the face of your business, and as much thought (if not more) needs to go into creating a logo that embodies what your business stands for.

2. Offers a level of professionalism.
Outsourcing logo design to a friend with limited graphic design experience rarely results in a professional-looking logo. If done well, you don’t have to be a big brand like Apple or Nike to be able to convey authority through your logo. Outsourcing the design of your logo to an experienced marketing agency will allow you to achieve a logo that is reflective of your brand and communicates the feeling of trust and integrity.

3. Evokes emotion.
Some of the best logos are able to evoke a positive emotional response from consumers. When creating a logo for your business, make it a priority to consider how the design will be received by your target audience. Some great examples of brands that evoke emotion through logo design include Gerber with its adorable baby logo and the Pillsbury with its playful and endearing Doughboy logo.

4. Meets the vector specifications.
A vector logo is small, scalable, and editable, meaning that it looks great regardless of where the logo is placed. You’re going to want to display your custom logo everywhere, from your website and printed marketing materials to business cards and t-shirts. A custom logo completed by a professional graphic design will meet these vector specifications.

5. Conveys your message to consumers.
To create an effective logo, you must first consider the message and thoughts that you want it to convey to consumers. Many business owners overlook the powerful impact that logos have on consumers when they’re making purchase decisions. A well-designed logo will send the right message to your target audience and play a critical role in their shopping choices.

All in all, while many entrepreneurs are working with a tight budget, it’s worth every penny to invest in custom logo design as your logo is the visual identity of your brand.

At New York Ave, our agency includes professional graphic designers that are able to carefully coordinate and masterfully illustrate a logo design for your business that keeps your branding on point. Helping our clients to identify their “why” is the heart of our graphic design services, and answering this powerful question is what allows the custom logo designs that we create for our clients to be so effective.

When a logo is designed well, it inspires confidence and helps your business stay connected with your audience. If you’re still wondering whether investing in a custom logo is worth it, contact us at New York Ave and learn how great logo design in conjunction with coordinated marketing efforts will help boost brand awareness.

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