Which Blogging Tactics Are The Most Effective?

If you’re serious about your search engine optimization strategy, you’ve created a business blog and are committed to consistently updating it with quality content.

We’ve talked about what makes the most widely read blogs so successful, and one of the biggest findings from a HubSpot study about these blogs is that 49 percent of traffic to the top 10 business blogs come from search engines. When writing blog posts, you need to take into account search engine optimization to help your content create exposure for your business and raise brand awareness.

What other tactics do the best business bloggers have in common?

For the past 3 years, Orbit Media has surveyed more than 1,000 business bloggers to see which blogging tactics are the most effective. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from this study:

1. More time is invested into writing blog posts.
The average amount of time spent writing a blog post has increased from 2 hours and 24 minutes in 2014 to 3 hours and 16 minutes in 2016. Bloggers are spending more time crafting quality posts that offer readers a lot of meat and really dig into issues of relevance. According to the study, longer blog posts generate the strongest results for businesses.

2. Multiple forms of media are incorporated into blog posts to engage readers.
As a best practice, you always want to include at least one image in your blog posts. However, the most successful bloggers are incorporating more than one form of media in posts, such as video (15 percent) and audio (3 percent).

3. Blog posts are promoted using multiple channels.
In 2016, bloggers spent more time promoting content than ever before across social media, email, SEO, and influencer outreach. Nearly all of the businesses surveyed (96 percent) use social media to promote blog posts. Only a quarter of the businesses surveyed promote blog content to influencers, and the study indicates that this is the second most effective way to get results with content. According to the study, using paid media to promote blog content is the best way to get results.

4. Bloggers are regularly reviewing analytics to perfect their strategies.
The businesses that experience the best results with their blogs always check analytics to see the results. More bloggers are getting on board with reviewing analytics, with less than a third of bloggers that always check results and 56 percent that usually review the analytics. Being aware of how your blog posts are performing is necessary in order to make tweaks to your strategy to get the best results.

5. Businesses are blogging more frequently.
Anyone familiar with search engine optimization knows that fresh content is king. According to the study, the more frequently businesses blog, the stronger the results. However, it’s important to note that quantity does not exceed quality in terms of relevance and SEO value. Put your best foot forward by committing to consistency prior to frequency.

All in all, you’ve been hearing all along about the importance of consistently creating quality content, promoting it, and measuring the results. The findings in the Orbit Media study support this and indicate that blogging will still continue to be a vital part of any search engine optimization strategy in 2017.

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