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What’s Next For The Custom Tabs On Your Facebook Page?

In a recent announcement, Facebook unveiled major changes coming to the design and layout for pages. Like most changes to Facebook, the announcement was met with immediate resistance. However, page administrators and brand managers will be happy to know that the updates to Facebook pages are actually for the good of your business and may even improve the way in which people interact with your content.
One of the biggest concerns brands have are with regard to their custom tabs, all of which appear to be missing in the page examples provided within the announcement. In this piece, we’ll discuss where the tabs have gone and how it will affect the promotional campaigns you use them for.

Don’t panic, your tabs are still there.
It’s first important to point out that your tabs are still there and that they’ve just been moved. Previously, custom tabs were located between your cover image and timeline, squeezed next to some very basic information about your business or a brief page description.

Old Facebook Page Tab Placement

The new layout divides your page in two; page information on the left and your posts on the right. From what we can tell, Facebook has moved your apps to two places now. The first location is still at the top directly under your cover image, but it appears only one will be given priority and the rest will be located under the new “More” button. Unfortunately, whichever you give the newly coveted space to will lack an accompanying image.
New Facebook Page Tab Placement

The second location appears to have made its way to the left column of the new page layout under the newly highlighted page information. Here’s the good news; it’s located right where the “Friends that like this” will appear, giving positive association between your promotions and the friends of any page visitors. The even better news is that, short of the inevitable scrolling, they are much more visible when scrolling through the activity feed.
Facebook Page App Location

Campaign success depends on you.
Many argue that the previous location is prime real-estate crucial for a successful tab campaign or promotion and that the repositioning of tabs will bury them out of sight of page visitors. However, others will tell you that the way in which you promote your campaigns is what will drive success. We reached out to ShortStack, a self-service custom app design tool for creating apps for Facebook pages, and their CEO, Jim Belosic had this to say about the change:

“Apps have always been buried. People interact with content on the Facebook News Feed, so with the Page redesign, the location of apps shouldn’t matter too much. Facebook users cruise the news feed to look at photos of their friends but if they see an update that says you have a new contest, coupon or other content, they will go to the app. The bottom line is that the more you promote and link to your apps — on Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, in email, etc. — the more views they’ll get.”

To Jim’s point, Facebook users do hardly ever revisit a brand’s Facebook page after liking it and the engagement with your app/tab is completely dependent on how well you promote it. If you think back to some of the most successful Facebook campaigns by leading brands, you’ll probably note that you arrived at the promotion by clicking a link a friend shared, an ad, or a sponsored story. If this holds true, you are responsible for the success of your campaign, not Facebook’s placement of the tab.

Add value to your vocabulary.
Wherever Facebook decides to move your custom tabs and however you choose to promote them, if your campaigns lack real value they will still remain unsuccessful. As we discussed above, placement isn’t what matters, properly promoting your campaigns is. This means that the necessity to promote campaigns that don’t suck will become even more important. When you’re developing your Facebook campaigns, put customers first. Sales are a direct result of adding value to everything that you do.

For great resources on Facebook app development and custom tabs, be sure to give ShortStack a look. For help with your social media campaigns and page management, swing by our Social Media services page and send us a note, we’re eager to learn more about your business!

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