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What Matters Most In Graphic Design For Business? Branding!

When prospective customers arrive on your website for the first time, they often have no other information about your brand than what they see. The first impression your site provides gives them instant insight into whether they trust you to meet their needs.
That first impression starts before your site visitors read a single word of text.

The visual appeal of your site – a combination of graphic design and layout – has the potential to set off positive or negative associations in a split second. If users decide to engage further and skim your text, graphic design makes that process easier or harder.

Good visual design isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s all about branding.
Branding is a key component of any successful business.

It helps you communicate vital information at a glance:

  • Who your business is for
  • What expertise you offer
  • The values that drive you

In other words, your brand is “what you’re all about.” It’s a combination of what you tell people about yourself and the conclusions they reach about you after interacting with you.

Brand awareness is the extent to which a prospect, lead, or customer knows your brand and what to expect from you. When brand awareness is high, people are more likely to actively seek you out when they have a problem you can help with.

They’re also more likely to recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Branded graphic design is essential to making your website look credible. In a world where data security threats loom larger than ever, superior design establishes trust from the start. About 38% of people say they’ll stop browsing a site they consider unattractive.

That said, branded visuals don’t end with your website.

To maximize your visual impact, your company should have consistent, branded collateral for every customer touch point. Your logo, color scheme, and fonts all solidify your identity in your customers’ mind – distinguishing you in a crowded marketplace.

Let’s look at the other elements your visual brand needs to have:

1. A Compelling, Customized Logo
All other things being equal, your logo has the potential to be the single most valuable part of your branding. A good logo evokes positive emotions and associations with a quick look.

It’s not always easy to tell which designs will make for a successful logo, of course. Some of the simplest logo designs in the world are also the most effective. Just think of the Nike swoosh, for example, or Apple’s iconic fruit.

An inspired logo design helps people recognize, trust, and identify with your brand. That logo must be designed to maximize visual fidelity across all formats, from the latest digital platforms to traditional print media. The more distinctive it is, the better.

2. Beautiful Business Cards
The era of the business card isn’t over – but what makes a business card good is changing.

If you do any face to face networking, business cards are a mark of professionalism you can’t do without. It’s precisely because business cards are more rare than they once were that they are now so strongly associated with the personal touch.

A business card that incorporates your logo, colors, and fonts will bring your branding to life right in your future customers’ hands. A few stylish touches and the right selection of textures and materials make your card one of your best tools for being remembered.

3. An Eye-Catching Brochure
Brochures offer incredible potential to build brand awareness today and over time.

Like business cards, brochures are nowhere near as common as they once were. This is a good thing. It means the worst brochures – those that weren’t producing real value for customers – have fallen by the wayside. Your audience no longer needs to tune them out.

Consequently, the best brochures get more time, attention, and consideration.

Look around you at the brochures that have stood the test of time, like the famous Ikea product catalog. They feature quality printing, sizzling photography, and textual storytelling that keeps you turning pages. Every aspect reinforces the brand and its values.

The right marketing agency can provide the same for you – and that’s New York Avenue.

Get Your Graphic Design On Track For Stellar Brand Awareness
With years of experience in digital and print marketing, New York Avenue is your source for impressive, effective, and consistent visual design. An infusion of branding not only inspires confidence, but helps people see you as an authentic partner in reaching their goals.

You are not just a collection of products or services. Let us help you tell your story.

To connect with your customers on a more personal level, contact us.

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