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What Makes the Most Widely Read Blogs So Successful?

As a business owner or marketer that works hard to maintain a quality business blog, it can be incredibly frustrating to see that your posts aren’t being read. You think you’re doing everything right, but you just can’t seem to get your blog to take off.
So how are top business blogs earning such a huge following? HubSpot recently revealed some new findings about the most successful blogs on the internet, and we wanted to share what these blogs do right to drive traffic, inspire engagement, and generate leads:

Use social media to promote posts.
Surprisingly, the HubSpot study actually revealed that social media is not as big of a driver of traffic to blogs as people initially thought. In fact, based on the data, social media only account for 7 percent of the total traffic that the top 50 blogs actually received. By no means, though, does this mean that you should stop promoting your blog on social media. There are so many other benefits that social media can offer your business aside from being a vehicle to promote your blog content. Of all the social media channels, the study showed that Twitter was responsible for directing the most traffic to business blogs, with Facebook and LinkedIn following second and third respectively.

Of the businesses that do earn traffic on their blogs from social media, the daily average number of tweets made by those businesses is 7 and the daily average number of Facebook posts is 2. Therefore, business blogs that receive traffic from social media have a very active presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Place emphasis on search engine optimization.
Search engines account for a significant amount of traffic to your business blog. The study showed that 49 percent of traffic to the top 10 business blogs came from search engines. Something else that is interesting about this data is that the majority of the traffic from these business blogs is coming from non-branded organic searches, which means that you don’t have to necessarily be a big brand to get the traffic on your business blog. In a nutshell, search engine optimization should be a must for your business.

Take note of which of your blog post formats tend to earn the most social shares.
Earning shares on social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your blog’s following. Therefore, if you want to be strategic in growing your blog, you should take a careful look at the blog post formats that tend to get the most social shares. List posts earn the most shares on social media channels across the board followed by “how to” articles.

Post quality content frequently.
You’re hearing nothing new here. The top 10 business blogs in this study place a lot of emphasis on publishing new blog content frequently, with an average of 39 published blog posts per month. While 39 blog posts per month may not be feasible for your business, make a point to publish new content as frequently as you can, which could also mean repurposing or freshening up content that you already have. Outsourcing content creation is another effective way to meet your blogging needs.

Maintaining a successful business blog is a time commitment and requires a lot of hard work. However, if you go about it the right way, your business blog can do wonders to help position your brand as an authority in its industry, drive more traffic to your website, and earn more conversions.

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