What is a Vector Logo Design and Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to your small business the old saying is true–you never get a second chance to make a first impression. For many small businesses, that first impression is a company logo. Choosing the right visual representation for your small business logo design is tremendously important. The right logo effectively communicates your brand identity and should be memorable enough to build brand loyalty
Your small business logo design also needs to be flexible enough to be used and reused in all sizes in printed collateral or online promotion. In order to achieve this flexibility, the logo design should be a vector based image. Now I know that most business owners aren’t graphic designers and that’s OK, it’s easy not to know the difference between a vector image and a rasterized image.

To help you identify between the two, here is a quick breakdown of vector images and their importance in logo design.

What is a Vector Image?Vector images are small and scalable images that can be easily edited by graphic designers. Vector images consist of many separate scalable objects or “layers”. Each object is defined by an equation instead of a pixel and is not dependent on resolution. Vector images are perfect for logos and illustrations because they can be resized without losing image integrity or quality. If you’ve ever scaled something only to see it become blurry, than you know how frustrating it can be to deal with an image that’s not a vector.

How Can I Recognize a Vector Image?
An image drawn by hand cannot be scanned and converted into a vector image. Graphic designers must use specific programs such as Adobe Illustrator in order to create a vector image. They can of course base this on a scanned image, but a vector image must be designed from scratch first. You can recognize a vector image by looking for one of the following file extensions: eps, pdf, svg, or ai. If your image looks pixelated in any way, then the image is definitely not a vector file.

What are the Benefits of Using a Vector Image?
There are countless benefits to using a vector logo design. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits is scalability. With a vector logo, you can resize the logo image without worrying about losing quality. Another benefit is that the image can be easily manipulated by a graphic designer. For example, individual elements or backgrounds can be pulled apart and edited separately. You can also easily use vector images in print materials such as brochures, business cards, mailers, or stationary.

Your small business logo design is more than just an image, it is a symbol of your company’s brand identity. It may be cheap and fast to use a rasterized or hand drawn image for your logo, but you will soon be frustrated and dissatisfied with this choice. As soon as you need to resize the image or transfer it from one medium to another, you will know you have made a huge mistake.

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