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What Good Design Says About Your Brand, Products, and Culture

Coca-Cola. Nike. Disney. These brands all have logos that are recognizable even at an international level, and it’s all because they have laced their brand in everything they do, big and small. While many businesses take the time to enlist the help of a professional designer to assist in creating a logo, for whatever reason, they choose not to invest in developing their brands any further and instead attempt to make their own brochures and marketing materials. You only have one opportunity to make a positive lasting impression on consumers, and a mediocre website design, brochures, or mailers that have clearly been quickly thrown together do not give off the image that you likely want for your business.
Placing an emphasis on design, from the marketing materials that you send out to how easy and user-friendly your website is to navigate through, will demonstrate to your target audience that you are detail oriented and care about enhancing your customer’s experience with your product or service. Partnering with a professional branding firm for your marketing needs will allow you to put your best foot forward with your audience, helping to position you as a high quality, credible, and recognizable brand.

Here are a few reasons why investing in good design is worthwhile for your business:

It makes your brand look good.
The human brain is highly visual and will form an opinion about your brand in only a matter of seconds. When brands take the time to incorporate visually pleasing graphics into their marketing materials, it helps to cement your brand in a positive light with consumers. Creating something that’s memorable starts with a well organized and carefully executed branding strategy that extends beyond just your logo.

It separates you from the competition.
As we mentioned earlier, many SMB owners don’t make the investment in branding and design past the logo creation stage, so their marketing materials are often less than stellar. By partnering with a professional designer or firm to assist you in the design of marketing materials, your brand will, without a doubt, stand apart from the competition. Consumers have an eye for good design and branding, it’s their first impression of your company and products, so you have to determine what kind of impression you want to make.

It demonstrates professionalism.
Does your brand hold itself to a higher standard? If so, you should continue this theme of professionalism through everything that your brand does, including delivering high quality marketing materials. There is no question that brands that invest in good design are viewed as being more professional, legitimate, and trustworthy by consumers and key decision makers.

It better communicates your message.
The brain processes visual information significantly faster than text, making imagery very important when trying to communicate a message. When marketing your brand, you want to be able to capture your audience’s attention, and high quality graphic design is one of the most effective ways to draw your audience in and communicate your message. Pairing your marketing materials with good design and branding can make the world of a difference.

You work hard to deliver premium quality products and services to your customers, so don’t stop short with your marketing efforts. Enlist the help of a professional graphic design firm to ensure that all representations of your brand are visually consistent to communicate the same quality message of what your brand is all about.

Find yourself at a loss for creating a better recognizable brand for your business? Stop by our Branding and Design services page to see if we can help.

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