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What Are The Best Ways For Cosmetic Surgeons To Build Trust With Social Media?

Most plastic surgeons are well aware that the choice to consult with them – especially for the first time – is a big decision for customers. The time from their first thought about a procedure to picking up the phone or sending you an email is typically measured in months or years, not weeks.
They have to ask themselves:

  • “Do I really feel strongly enough to change some aspect of my appearance?”
  • “Is plastic surgery safe enough for me to be comfortable with the process?”
  • “Will the procedure I want fit within my budget, timeframe, and goals?”
  • “Will other people in my life respond positively to the results I’ll get?”

These are questions that dog the minds of your prospects and leads. They are thinking about these things even as they start comparing different plastic surgery practices and gathering insight.

With that in mind, plastic surgeons need to cultivate opportunities to meet new leads and develop trust with them over time. The vast majority of your future patients will find you online, so your website should attract them with helpful, informative content.

That content puts you in a position to help future patients overcome their doubts. Social media is your best bet for amplifying your brand’s voice so you get heard right when they need you most.

Beyond Your Site: Social Media As A Lead Attraction Platform For Plastic Surgeons
Your site should look professional and welcoming. It’s no coincidence that successful surgeons opt for a sleek, clean look. This is boosted with prestigious colors like dark blue, gold, and gray.

A well-organized site is a must, but it’s only the beginning.

Without social media, future customers are talking with each other, friends, and family, but not with you. They won’t come to your site until they are almost done putting their doubts to rest. You can accelerate that process with social savvy.

Half of plastic surgeons use social media, but there are still misconceptions:

What Social Media Is Not
Social media is not an opportunity to walk up to someone and immediately sell them something, even if they’re interested. Some practice owners get excited about social, post a ton for a week or two, then burn out when results are poor.

What Social Media Is
Social media is the chance to position yourself as an active, credible figure in your area of expertise. All in all, leads prefer to go with the known than the unknown. Some have negative ideas about what plastic surgeons are like. Your social media presence is the antidote.

Social media is most effective when it’s part of a complete digital marketing strategy. That should include weekly blog posts and an email list for current and future customers. But even if you are only just getting started, social media can help you.

How Cosmetic Surgeons Get Ahead With Social Media
As a surgeon, you probably don’t have time to spend morning ’til night on Instagram. Luckily, you don’t have to. Daily activity is always best, but if it doesn’t fit you, you can make an impression with strategic bursts.

Here’s how:

1. Introduce Yourself
People won’t go under the knife for just anyone. The best thing you can do on social media is simply introduce yourself. Record a video in your office and talk to the camera (a phone will do!)

Tell viewers who you are, what you do, and most important of all … why.

When prospective customers see you are serious about their well-being, they’ll be that much more likely to reach out. Give them a taste of your values and what your business means to you.

2. Show Off Your Office
It might sound strange, but one thing you need to learn is to think like a dentist.

Dentists know most people who end up in the chair aren’t thrilled to be there. With that in mind, the industry’s big winners focus a lot of marketing energy on reducing anxiety about their work.

This is another job for video. Show off your lobby, operating rooms, and any equipment you use. Narrate as you go, explaining anything that might cause confusion. Not only can you make things seem safer, you’ll have the chance to introduce your friendly staff.

3. Publicize Testimonials – Especially “Before and After” Photos
No matter what online platform you’re using, social proof gets you further.

Social proof is content that tells people others like them have had success with your practice. It’s especially important in cosmetic surgery, since patients’ age and gender are big factors both in what they want and how well they respond to treatment.

Social media loves visual content, so be sure to share “before and after” photos when and where appropriate. To speed things up, make it easy for patients to sign a voluntary media release form during intake.

4. Clear Up Misconceptions
As digital marketers, we know what it’s like to be in an industry with myths!

This is where your blog comes in. Post regularly about your procedures, techniques, and what you want patients to know. Then, share that material on each social platform as you complete it.

Not only will this put patients’ minds at ease, but it’ll help you get noticed. The more you post, the more search engines will connect users to you when they’re looking for content like yours.

5. Make It Easy to Reach Out
Be sure your social media bio, photo, and website links are all filled out, including a link for a consultation. The more vibrant and active your social presence, the more likely followers will take the next step and contact you directly.

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