We turned 4 in June. This one’s four all of us.

Pin another medal to our chest, we turned four in June! To help celebrate, I want to share a little about what we’ve learned, the things we’ve accomplished, and where we’re headed.
This year we expanded our team, celebrated our clients with Simon Sinek’s latest book, upgraded our tech, launched our new website, commissioned a local artist to create one-of-a-kind art, drank gallons of local coffee and beer, spent an appropriate amount of time petting a puppy, spoke to Stetson students about ethical decision making in business, ate a lot of Fruit Loops, toured Disney’s internal creative agency, and started recycling.


Got all that? Now let’s look at some pictures and unpack the deets.

To say that the last year was fun would be an understatement, as evidenced by our adventures above. It was also a productive year and I’m excited about the progress we’ve made.

Together as a team, we worked hard to reach several significant milestones including a 57% year-over-year increase in sales (not including special projects) and a 100% increase in our digital marketing and hosting services. These accomplishments are a testament to the good work we do for our client partners and are helping to fuel our ability to reinvest in our people, our technology, and our local community.

Our blog is still the largest driver of traffic to our website and we remain committed to sharing practical information for business owners and marketers around the world. In the last 12 months we’ve added over 100 more posts, are working on a curated course for making your business more marketable, and published a new eBook with another on the way.

In year three we spoke with elementary school students about technology and entrepreneurship. This year, we had an opportunity to meet with Stetson students who are incubating an incubator for ethical businesses. These people are working to foster young entrepreneurs who are looking to shape the world with ethical business practices, products, and decision making and I was grateful to be a small part of their story.


New York Ave, Class of 2016

Moving into the second half of 2017, we plan to hire at least one more person and are actively working toward launching several innovative new services. As we continue to round out our team and service offerings, I remain personally committed to bolstering our employee benefits programs.

Lastly, we wouldn’t be doing what we love every day if it weren’t for you, our customers and our followers. I’m so humbled by the trust you’ve placed in our agency and the work we accomplish together. Thank you for being a big part of our continuing success.

Until next time…
Joshua Hays
Head of Vision

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