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Use Video In Your Facebook Ads With Sponsored Stories

While Facebook just announced that they are finally going to be rolling out auto-play, in-feed video advertising options, they also made it clear that these types of ads are limited to a few high-end advertisers. According to cnet, these premium video ads cost from $1 to $2.5 million per day, putting them far out of the reach of small and growing businesses.
That being said, you don’t have to forego video advertising entirely on Facebook as part of your social media management strategy! Premium video ads may be out of your budget, but many businesses are able to afford “Sponsored Stories”– which can contain a video. Not only is this far more affordable, its a great way for you to reach more potential customers on Facebook with more engaging advertising.

Auto-play Video vs. Sponsored Stories
The average consumer sees between 5 and 10 thousand brands a day. While the human brain cannot consciously process all of that information, studies show that we still subconsciously react to the brands we see and are most familiar with. Many Facebook users don’t like auto-playing video ads in their news feed, and prefer to seek out the content themselves. Having video ads forced upon them may leave a bad taste in their mouth, unlike a sponsored story. With sponsored stories, even if they don’t click on the link or play the video, they’re being exposed to your brand in a positive way.

Make Way for Short Attention Spans
Social media management is tricky enough, advertising through social media is even harder. It’s not enough just to choose to include a video and advertise it via sponsored story, you need to make sure your video is extremely short and memorable. With Vine’s 7-second videos seeing immediate success, attention spans for video content are being reduced significantly. If you were asked if you’d sit down and watch a two-five minute ad, how would you respond? But if you could watch a 15-second tip that could better you at your profession or hobby, would that change your mind? Use short videos with helpful content in your sponsored stories to reach consumers with shorter attention spans.

Remember, It’s a Sponsored Story
Facebook’s premium video ads may allow big-name brands to auto-play on your screen, but they lose out on the ability to spread more information and place the ad in the right context. Remember, it’s a sponsored story. Don’t just post a video to your page and expect it to reach people effectively with a sponsored story campaign. Instead, pair the video with a short, engaging message. Think about it this way– do you click blindly on YouTube links from strangers? Consumers want to know what to expect before they start up a video, and a message telling them why they should click will increase your engagement rates. Think about it as your advertisement’s call-to-action.

So just because you can’t afford premium video advertising on Facebook doesn’t mean you have to give up using videos to reach more people. In fact, there are many great reasons a sponsored story might be a better idea– besides it fitting in your budget. Whenever you’re thinking about your social media strategy, make sure to place yourself in the consumer’s shoes. What would get you to invest in a brand?

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