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Use Messaging Apps to Grow Your Email List

The use of messaging apps in the workplace is on the rise. Considering the widespread adoption of these apps by businesses and consumers alike, it seems as though every social media platform is rolling out some type of messaging tool. Research shows that Facebook Messenger is the most popular social media messaging app, but WhatsApp has the highest concentration of active monthly users.
Why Are Messaging Apps So Popular?
Contrary to what some believe, people aren’t using messaging apps to make plans with friends or chat about what’s happening throughout their day. Instead, most of the exchanges made on messaging apps are made to share interesting content and silly GIFs. In fact, as more social platforms are rolling out messaging tools, much of the social conversations are starting to take place privately via messaging apps.

Why Should Businesses Pay Attention to Messaging Apps?
Messaging apps are changing social media as we know it. The concept of ‘dark social media sharing’ is on the rise, which refers to users sharing convent privately via messaging apps.

From a marketer’s perspective, messaging apps serve as the ideal channel for personalized engagement. If you want to spark a conversation with prospective customers, you’re more likely to get a response by sending a direct message.

Messaging apps can also be a powerful resource to help you grow your email marketing list with quality contacts that have expressed a genuine interest in your business.

Best Practices for Using Messaging Apps to Grow Your Email Marketing List
Don’t believe it when someone tells you that email marketing is dead. Considering that most of your target audience has an email address, email still continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.

In order to be successful with email marketing, you must establish and continue to grow a quality list of contacts. Never fall for the temptation to buy an email list. The contacts on these lists are often not relevant to your target audience and will sink the success of your email marketing strategy. Instead, focus on building an email list with contacts that have already engaged with your business as they’re more likely to respond to your emails, whether it be clicking through to an offer or making a purchase as a result of your email campaign.

Messaging apps can be your best friend when it comes to building your email list. Here are several best practices for using messaging apps to earn more email subscribers:

1. Be concise.
When sending a message to your social media followers, be sure to keep it short and sweet. Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, and they’ll be more likely to read and digest your message if it’s brief and concise.

2. Make yourself likable.
If you want people to read your messages in the first place, you need your brand to be likable. If your messaging is friendly, appealing, and non-pushy, people will want to engage with your content and will be more willing to subscribe to your emails.

3. Provide value.
Use messaging tools to pass along valuable nuggets of information that your audience will benefit from. The more that people perceive value in what you have to say to them, the more willing they’ll be to supply you with their email address.

4. Offer a teaser for future emails.
Will you be running an email marketing campaign in the near future that will include information that your subscribers will want to hear about? Examples could include a coupon or exclusive access to a sale. Offering a teaser for future emails will help to nudge prospective customers to give you their email address.

5. Share social proof.
Let your prospective customers know your subscribers are benefiting from receiving your emails. Offering social proof in messages will help to validate your business and encourage those that are on the fence about signing up to receive your emails to take the plunge.

In summary, with so many online conversations shifting to ‘the dark side’ via messaging apps, your business can’t afford to not capitalize on this trend. But, while messaging apps are an important form of communication, your business needs to also be leveraging these tools to build your email marketing list. Use the best practices outlined above to help you grow a quality list of subscribers so that you can generate better results from email marketing.

Our team at New York Ave can help your business with all aspects of digital marketing, including email marketing. Sending the right brand messaging will help to keep you connected to your target audience and allow your business to stay top of mind. Contact us for additional best practices for growing your email contacts so that you can run more effective campaigns that increase engagement with your brand.

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