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Tricks of the Trade for Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines

The average person receives 88 emails per day. That amounts to 32,120 emails received on an annual basis. With so many emails flowing into your customers’ inboxes, how do they determine which ones to open? When it comes to your email marketing strategy, this is a critical question that you need to address.
Statistics show that 33 percent of consumers determine if they’ll open an email simply by reading the subject line. We know you want your emails to be opened, read, and clicked, so here are some tricks of the trade for writing catchy email subject lines:

1. The more brief you are, the better.
You don’t want your email subject line to be so long that it gets cut off, and this is especially important for users accessing email from a mobile device (the subject line display is even shorter on smartphones). Do not exceed 50 characters when crafting subject lines.

2. Use a familiar sender name.
If the email looks like it’s coming from a robot (for example,, there’s no need to spend time on the subject line because people aren’t going to want to open your email. Instead of using a generic sender name, send the email from a real person.

3. Find ways to personalize the subject line.
Use personalization tokens to add the recipient’s name or location into your subject line. This proven tactic will help you to build rapport with your recipients right out of the gate. If you have personal information about your email contacts such as their birthday, create an email marketing campaign that offers a promotion tied to their birthday. Wishing the recipient a happy birthday in the subject line is great personalization and great timing.

4. Tell them what’s inside.
Some marketers have the misconception that using the subject line to reveal what an email contains will cause all suspense to be lost. In reality, telling recipients that something of value is waiting for them in your email is much better than a simple “thank you” in the subject line.

5. Get your timing right.
If the subject line of your email correlates with a certain time of day, sending it at the right time will make a huge difference in your open and click-through rate. For example, if you own a restaurant and want to promote your happy hour, sending an email at 5 P.M. with the subject line “4 Happy Hour Specials to Try Right Now,” you’re going to get good results.

6. The more concise you are, the better.
With the overwhelming number of emails that people receive in their inbox each day, they don’t have time to read each subject line. Instead, they scan them. Be as concise as possible when writing email subject lines and focus on the benefit to the recipient.

7. Use exclusivity to make people feel special.
People are attracted to exclusivity as it fulfills their need to belong. Wording your subject line to make your recipients feel special will help you to build customer loyalty and increase conversion rates from email marketing. Some examples for phrasing include “My gift to you,” “Private invite,” and “Exclusive offer.”

You work hard to create engaging email content for your audience; however, if you aren’t taking the time to craft catchy subject lines, your emails aren’t going to be opened. Use these proven email marketing tactics for writing subject lines that makes your recipients want to click.

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