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To Land The Biggest Pest Control Clients, Rethink Your Digital Marketing

These days, many pest control companies are looking for ways to innovate. They want to achieve better lead generation and conversion rates as they look for new opportunities in a climate where many homeowners are putting off pest control.
As pest control companies go after local businesses and large enterprises, pest control marketing is changing for the better. Landing the biggest contracts means professionalizing your pest control marketing like never before. That takes time and effort, but it is worth it.

Good digital marketing means taking control of your online first impression, the conversation around your brand, and your customer experience. By taking on the challenge, brands can stand out as the go-to choice of demanding clients.

There are good reasons for pest control companies to seek business clients:

  • They are more likely than other clients to maintain a regular service contract
  • Due to higher standards, they are less likely to move on to an unproven brand
  • They can provide you with a higher caliber of pest control referral business

However, pest control digital marketing for business clients is different from marketing to the average homeowner. You have to think through every aspect of your marketing plan and how it relates to the needs of your most demanding customers.

Stand Out With A Pest Control Marketing Strategy Other Businesses Will Cheer
Business clients have different expectations and needs when it comes to selecting pest control companies. However, their timeline is often more strict than that of a residential customer. They may need to learn about their options and make a selection in days or weeks, not months.

With that in mind, every customer touch-point needs to be polished and professional.

Here’s how to make sure of it:

1. Ensure Your Pest Control Brand Is Reflected In Everything You Do
Your brand goes beyond what customers see online. Businesses want to invest in a team that provides expertise and reliability with little disruption to daily business. With that in mind, make sure your brand is proudly displayed in everything – and we mean everything.

Do your team members wear branded uniforms? Drive branded vehicles? Are invoices and other correspondence designed with your color scheme and logo in mind? Branding isn’t just about aesthetics: It reflects your consistency and commitment to a promised experience.

2. Don’t Be A Pest – Helpful, Informative Marketing Is Where It’s At In Business
It wasn’t that long ago when pest control companies seeking new business would call decision-makers directly to start a conversation. These days, not only is that considered inefficient, but it can also start your relationship with a future customer off on the wrong foot.

The window for connecting with pest control business customers is a short one. Most of their research will be done before they ever contact you. Knowing that reality, it’s crucial to provide the information and insights they need to know your company is the best fit.

Optimizing your site for local SEO and providing plenty of informative, helpful blog posts will raise your visibility in search. That makes it more likely you’ll be found in the selection process.

3. Choose Video As Your Flagship Digital Marketing Method
Since buying YouTube back in 2006, Google has gotten more aggressive about promoting its video content alongside search results. While getting onto the first page for a competitive search term can take months, good videos can appear prominently in search within days.

Video isn’t just great for SEO. It also helps foster trust and rapport between you and your leads. Nothing humanizes your team like showing them hard at work on the job. You have the chance to demonstrate your skills and give viewers a taste of the values that animate you.

4. Use Case Studies To Show You Are Up To The Task
Case studies are ideal for pest control content marketing because they enable businesses to see that others “just like them” have had success with your services in the past. The closer in size, scope, and industry your client is, the more relevant their case study will seem.

The art of writing a case study takes time to master. The customer should stand out as the hero of the story – it’s not all about you. But you have amazing opportunities to show all the different ways, great and small, that your services are right for business clients.

5. Help Business Customers Self-Qualify Through Interactive Content
With limited time and attention, businesses don’t want to wait until deep into a sales process to learn they don’t have the budget. You save your time and theirs when you give them a clear, accurate, and engaging way to decide whether your services match their needs.

Clients rate interactive content as much more valuable than getting the same information from a static page. The right approach equips your customers to estimate their costs and gives you the details you need to tailor a package to their specific requirements.

6. Make It Easy To Contact You And Learn More About Your Services
Last but not least, make it as easy as possible to contact you. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to communication: A truly frictionless process means providing enough options so customers won’t consider it a chore to get in touch with you.

That means taking an omni-channel approach. Email and phone are the basics, but aim to have an active social media presence as well. Many have had success by making interactive customer care available through online chat directly from the website.

Pest control companies need to diversify to stay at the top of their market in a changing world. New York Ave is here to help with proven pest control digital marketing strategy. To find out more or get started, simply contact us today.

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