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Three Big Questions Pest Control Companies Ask About Professional Blog Writing

Leads from organic search traffic have a close rate of nearly 15%, while those from outbound marketing tactics like cold calling close at a rate of 1.7%. If you can get a top position on Google for searches related to your business, you can accelerate the lead generation cycle and position for growth. That momentum helps you compete against larger firms and defend against new entrants in years to come.
But we all know the majority of websites don’t perform all that well.

It’s long been understood that the top position on Google gets about 33% of traffic. In fact, more than 66% of clicks go to the first five search results. If pest control companies want to get attention on Google, they need to achieve one of two things (and preferably both):

  • Land in the top five results for relevant searches performed by local pest control customers
  • Get many more pages within the top 20 results of those searches to get steady traffic growth

A slow and steady strategy that covers many search queries can be easier than one that focuses on a few ultra-competitive, high-traffic keywords. But there is one technique that consistently helps pest control companies climb the rankings over long periods.

Professional blog writing is the key.

Let’s look at three questions pest control companies ask about it, starting with …

“Why do we need a blog?”

With so many options in digital marketing for pest control companies, it might be a surprise to hear your blog is such a big piece of the puzzle. But there’s no way around it: To capture preferred positions on Google search and access a treasure trove of leads, you need an active blog.

Professional blog writing is the bridge between pest control companies and their prospective customers. Rather than expecting you to be Shakespeare, you can leave all the research, planning, and writing to the pros – poets of the keyboard who understand how your blog content affects search results.

From a practical perspective, great blog content has three main effects:

  • It increases the number of relevant Google searches that your website might appear in
  • It communicates your expertise and builds a relationship with prospective customers
  • It demonstrates your site is active and up to date, which influences buyers and Google

Without an engine of new website content pumping on all cylinders, pest control companies easily fall behind competitors who are making a weekly blog a priority.

At this point, you might be wondering about the second question …

“Why can’t we just write our blog ourselves?”

The answer, of course, is that you can. In the old days of 2005, companies labored over hand-crafted, artisanal blogs to share news and information with their followers. Now, few pest control companies have the dedicated staff to mount a full in-house publishing operation.

After all, you’re probably more interested in busting pests!

There are plenty of practical reasons to call the experts:

1. Google Is Getting Smarter, And It’s A Harsh Grader
We admit it: When people used to say Google “read” their blogs, we would correct them: Google doesn’t really read anything. It doesn’t understand your content. With the latest AI, that’s changing. Google uses a huge number of factors to determine if content is valuable to your readers – uniqueness, layout, and writerly qualities matter more every day.

2. Consistency Counts For Your Company’s Blog
When we start blog projects for pest control companies, we build a content calendar. It includes all the research for compelling, share-worthy content: Target keywords, topics, and how it relates to your brand. That level of care and attention matters because a blog should be posting 2-5 new articles a week – every week – to maximize your digital reach.

3. Writing Is The Foundation, Not The Finish Line
Publishing fresh pest control articles is a strong beginning. But a complete strategy includes promoting your professional blog posts on social media and amplifying your expertise with pest control email marketing and video content. That can mean hours more work on the back end after a post is complete.

“When will we start seeing results from our blog?”

This is the $64,000 question – or potentially even more!

Anyone who tells you pest control companies get immediate results from professional blog writing is more interested in selling you a service than making sure that service works for you.

A quality blog, backed by search engine optimization (SEO) and promotion, moves your website traffic in the right direction within a few weeks. However, it often takes about three months to see satisfying numbers. Most of our clients are very happy with their progress by the six-month mark.

Blog writing isn’t a recipe for instant traffic – that’s online advertising. Instead, think of it as an endurance race where most of your competitors will eventually drop out. They might do so in a month, three months, or six months, but you want to be sure you’re keeping pace when they throw in the towel.

A professional digital marketing blogger can write 100,000 words in a month – that’s equal to a novel – and may keep that pace going all through the six months it takes for a new blog to break through. So, when you think about trying a DIY approach, ask yourself:

“Do I really want to write the equivalent of six novels about pest control?”

At New York Ave, our team of digital marketing experts works together to ensure everything in your blog is fully optimized and ready to add value – for your leads, your existing customers, and your bottom line. We save you hours a week and provide a competitive advantage that newcomers to your field can’t beat.

To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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