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These Strategies Are Replacing “Word-Of-Mouth” For Pest Control Companies

It wasn’t long ago when word-of-mouth referrals were king for pest control companies. It makes sense: Most pest control companies have a small service area. They can be well-known by the local community – and that same community can freeze out companies that don’t perform.
But things have changed. Word-of-mouth no longer reigns in pest control marketing.

Even in small towns, neighbors don’t spend much time talking about pest control. Some homeowners feel embarrassed to have pests. Finding the right company is mainly a solo pursuit.

Pest control companies are learning new ways to energize referrals with online marketing. Often, that means building an online community to replace the old-fashioned conversations over the fence.

A Complete Digital Strategy Is More Reliable Than Word-Of-Mouth
No one marketing technique can completely replace those old-fashioned social dynamics. In the end, though, your business is better off. Here’s why:

  • The results of your digital strategy can be measured, unlike backyard conversations
  • You can use various techniques to incentivize referrals when you need them most

But you need a digital toolkit, not just one idea. Many pest control companies become fascinated by social media or paid online advertising, but don’t have mechanisms in place to cultivate relationships or convert leads into sales.

So, what planks form a strategy for pest control marketing?

Don’t leave these out of the equation:

1. Capture Those Ready-to-Buy Clicks With Local SEO
Local SEO is the foundation of your digital marketing. For the majority of pest control firms, 99% of customers are within 30 miles of your headquarters. Local SEO efforts ensure you can take advantage of the “near me” effect and show up on searches in your neighborhood.

The key to local SEO is making sure Google and other search engines can pinpoint the important details about your business. At minimum, your company’s mailing address, phone number, and contact email should be prominently displayed on your website and used in page footers.

Also fill out your business information in local directories like Google My Business.

2. Build Long-Term Relationships With Email Marketing
In pest control, you have the advantage of some motivated leads who want a solution right away. But there’ll always be those who put off giving you a call.

Maybe they think their pest situation isn’t that bad. Or perhaps they think it’ll just go away with the warmer weather.

Sadly for them (and all of us!) most unsolved problems don’t just go away … and that goes double for pests.

Email marketing is the secret to staying in touch with leads who want to take that famous “wait and see” approach. Keeping in contact means you can send them occasional limited time offers that can get them off the fence about fixing their pest problem.

One thing many pest control brands forget is to keep the relationship going after the buy.

Some properties are prone to pests. Even if homeowners change their lifestyle and do DIY pest management, they might have a problem in the future. Get confirmed customers off your leads list and onto a long-term customer list where they get relevant content.

3. Ask For Referrals From Satisfied Customers Soon After The Job
If you don’t ask for something, you usually won’t get it.

In digital marketing, we embrace this with the “call-to-action,” which tells leads exactly what we want them to do next. Any conversion-oriented page should have a call-to-action, whether it asks the visitor to join an email list, contact your team, or make a purchase.

The same goes double for a review or referral. A review entices people to contact you and find out more about what you have to offer. A referral gets you in touch with someone who may need your services. Both represent next steps in a healthy brand relationship.

And in any good relationship, people communicate – so check on your clients and make the ask.

4. Partner Up With Local Businesses And Podcasts
Other businesses in your area could need pest control … and they come into contact with plenty of people who do. Creative cross-promotion can lead to lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

And don’t be afraid to make your voice heard in local media, including independent media like podcasts. The more people associate your brand with helpful, informative content, the more they’ll trust your expertise.

Plumbers, landscapers, house cleaners, even real estate agents – anyone that works in home services is a natural partner for your business. Cross-promoting a friendly business, or even writing a guest post for its blog or email list, can give you access to a whole new audience.

This approach becomes even more powerful when you combine it with special offers available only to customers who found you through a certain partnership. Each partnership may represent only a slow and steady trickle of work, but those customers will be ready to move fast.

5. Use Social Media To Stay In Touch And Stay Relevant
Social media allows you to turn on a dime and craft your messages based on up-to-the-minute changes in your industry. It’s often easier to get people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter than it is to get them to subscribe to your email list. Plus, it’s interactive.

Many new homeowners aren’t tuned in to the pest control concerns in their area. They probably don’t realize new threats can arise from time to time, either – think of the recent scourge of bedbugs. Social media gives you the ideal way to keep your audience up to date.

Respond to social media comments and you can even get some people to call you right away.
Times are changing, so make sure your operations change with them. Contact New York Ave today to learn about digital marketing strategy for pest control companies that will keep your business growing.

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