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The Value of Putting the Customer First in Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to email marketing, most SMB owners are naturally inclined to place the product, service, or offer front and center. The trouble with this is that your customers don’t really care about your story. Instead, they’re more interested in their own stories and who can help them achieve their goals. When you don’t put your customers front and center in your email marketing strategies, you’re not going to be happy with the results.
Those marketers that do take the time to understand their customers and make them the focus on their email marketing campaigns will benefit from establishing more meaningful connections. When this happens, success from email marketing takes off.

To help you craft email marketing campaigns that put the customer first, let’s take a look at the following savvy email campaigns that accomplish this beautifully:

1. REI
Lesson: Make your customer the hero, not your brand.
When writing an email, introducing yourself and talking about your brand seems like a natural way to start. However, this cuts into the customer’s story and doesn’t help them achieve what they want to accomplish. In short, they’re not really interested in what you have to say because they’re not the center of attention.

If you find yourself using the words, “we,” “us,” or “why” in your email copy, stop now. Instead, replace these words with “you” and “yours” to make your email about the customer. By doing this, you’ll be making the customer the focal point in the email and essentially the hero.

REI, an outdoor outfitters company, did this exceptionally well in a marketing email that it sent out about European vacations. The language “Now Booking: Your European Escape” and “Make this the year you discover Europe” touch on the customer’s dreams and aspirations, which puts the customer front and center in the story.

2. Bed Bath & Beyond
Lesson: Let your customer be the star of your subject line.
Writing a winning subject that makes people want to click is no easy task. Think about all of the time that you put into crafting the perfect email. Then imagine slapping a bland subject line on it like “August Newsletter.” That’s not very enticing, is it?

Instead, make your customer the star of your subject line. By giving them a little tease about what’s in it for them if they read your content, you’ll earn a higher open and conversion rate.

Take this email subject line from Bed Bath & Beyond:
“5 ways to get your best night’s sleep. Plus, your special 20% off coupon.”
This subject line touches on a pain point that customers are dealing with and let’s them know that there is a coupon waiting for them in the email. This strategy is simple and will resonate with your audience.

3. Hyatt Hotels
Lesson: Let your customers see how their life will look when they take action.
Your customer’s story needs to be the focal point of your email marketing message, and at some point along the journey, the customer needs to take action. Give your customers a glimpse of what their life will look like when they take action by including images in your email copy.

When customers open your emails, they don’t immediately begin reading. Instead, they quickly scan your email to determine if it’s worth reading. This is why it’s so important to include engaging images in your marketing emails. Images can convey a message in a matter of seconds and establish a connection with your audience.

Hyatt Hotels invites customers to take action by including an enticing image in the background (a beach or exotic vacation destination, for example) and a simple call-to-action. This glimpse of what life could be like if the customer takes action is tempting and delivers results.

In summary, by making the customer the focal point of your email marketing campaigns, you’ll earn more opens, clicks, and conversions. This effective tactic will be a game changer for your email marketing efforts and will allow you to achieve results.

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