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The Simple Formula to Creating Compelling Blog Content

Content creation continues to be a challenge for most businesses, especially if they’re handling this responsibility in-house.

With so many people using the internet these days to research products and services, maintaining a business blog is paramount to the success of your marketing strategy. However, unless you’re one of the few people that genuinely enjoys writing, the task of creating high quality blog posts is typically placed on the back burner.

Fortunately, there’s actually a simple formula for creating compelling blog content, and we’re going to let you in on this secret below:

The Simple Formula for Creating Compelling Blog Content

Step 1: Understand who your audience is.
Have you taken the time to create buyer personas? By doing this, you’ll be able to more accurately gauge the types of content that will appeal to your audience. You’ll find that a lot of business blogs cover generic topics. However, digging into specific topics that your audience really wants to hear about is what will differentiate your brand.

Step 2: Select a topic and working title for your blog post.
Once you define the audience that you’re catering your content towards, you’ll want to pick a topic for your blog post. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you may decide to write your blog post about pizza. You can then come up with a few different working titles and may end up narrowing your topic to “5 Unique Pizza Toppings.”

By going through the process of selecting a topic and narrowing it down to a working title, you’ll be able to more effectively focus your blog post on something more specific than trying to cover a generic topic.

Step 3: Write a compelling introduction.
You have only a few seconds to captivate your readers or you’ll lose them altogether. That’s why you need to draw them in with a compelling introduction.

Some of the most effective ways to grab your reader’s attention in the introduction is by telling a story, sharing a joke, being empathetic to an issue that your audience is dealing with, or offering an interesting statistic.

Step 4: Organize your content.
It’s easier to write a blog post that flows well if you jot down a quick outline of the points that you’ll want to cover. Then, to make the content easier for your readers to digest, break up the content by using sections, lists, tips, or bullet points.

Step 5: Write.
You’re ready to begin writing your content. Write what you know about, and research the topic further to be able to offer an in-depth, value-added blog post to your readers. Be sure to give proper credit to any external sources that you use.

Step 6: Proofread.
The editing process is absolutely crucial to the success of your blog posts, and too many businesses choose to skip this step. Including grammatical and spelling errors in your writing is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility with your audience.

Step 7: Insert a call-to-action.
As a best practice, every blog post that you write should include a call-to-action that links readers to an offer on your website.

Step 8: Optimize for on-page SEO.
Once you’re finished with your blog post, you’ll want to go back over it again to optimize it for on-page SEO. This includes making sure that you’ve achieved your targeted keyword density, written a meta description for your blog post, and optimized anchor text.

Follow this simple formula when you write your next blog post and see if it helps you to more effectively create compelling content.

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