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The Biggest Website Design Trends Hitting the Scene in 2022

From the outside, it might seem website design hasn’t changed much lately. But new trends are starting to percolate. Designers across the United States are adjusting practices to fit new consumer preferences sparked by more time spent indoors and online.

When it comes to modern website design, usability is the central thing to think about. Any website must be easy to use – first-time visitors must be able to reach their goals quickly and without confusion. Even though a website’s functional purpose comes first, that doesn’t mean it can’t look great, too.

A distinctive website design backed by terrific visuals can set you apart from the pack.

Good website design is a combination of artistic and technical factors centered around the unique needs of the ideal clients you want to attract to your business. It’s far too complex to entrust to an amateur. With help from an experienced Central Florida marketing agency, you really can have it all.

Let’s take a closer look at how website design is evolving.

Three Ways to Catch Up with 2021 Website Design Trends Fast

The biggest website design trends in 2021 were based on then-recent changes made by Google in how they rank websites. With that in mind, it’s essential to make sure your website design reflects these best practices before you embark on a redesign. Luckily, they are fairly straightforward:

1. Make Sure Your Website Looks Great on Mobile

Google is now looking at the mobile version of your website before anything else as it decides where you show up in search results. This means most websites need to convert to a “responsive theme” – one where all elements adjust automatically to fit the display and input for whatever device is being used.

2. Update Your Website’s Security

A website without SSL security is dead in the water in 2022. Virtually all mainstream browsers are now saddling these websites with dire warnings about how “unsafe” they are. Luckily, your website can be upgraded to the latest security by your digital marketing team in less than a day.

3. Accelerate Your Loading Time

The fastest your website loads, the better. You can’t control the quality of a user’s connection, but you can simplify and streamline your website to make it perform – wowing both users and Google. This is a highly technical process, so it pays to have a professional website designer in Central Florida.

Rolling Out 2022 Website Design Trends that Work

Some of the best website design trends build on ideas that have been around for a while and proven their success. Others are exciting new directions for website design as an art and a business. Here are the ones most likely to positively affect your results in the coming year and beyond:

1. Dark Mode and Low Light User Interface

Dark Mode shifts your website from dark text on a light background to light text on a dark background. In general, dark text is easier to read – but Dark Mode helps reduce the risk of eyestrain in lower light conditions. Some people believe it is better for their eyes, although the jury is still out on that one.

One thing we can say for sure is that Dark Mode reduces the amount of battery power a phone or other small mobile device uses when rendering a website. This can be a life-saver for mobile users on the go and shows respect for their time and convenience.

2. Accessibility Features

About 26% of all adults in the United States have a disability, and you can bet many of those people have the potential to be your future customers. For those of us in Central Florida, it’s helpful to note that the proportion of people living with disabilities is highest right here in the South.

Disabilities come in all forms, and so do accessibility features. Text can be formatted to be easier to read with screen readers used by the blind. Video content can come with verified captions for the hard of hearing. Consult with your website design team to discuss your accessibility opportunities.

3. Video as a Design Element

All in all, video captures more engagement than any other kind of content – including “likes,” shares, and comments. We already know people love video, so much so that even just having a video on a page makes someone more likely to buy a product even if they don’t actually watch the video.

Now, video is appearing as a design element. A brief, colorful video does not need to be demanding in processing power or bandwidth. Yet, it can add movement and liveliness to a design, helping you tell the story of your brand simply by being positioned to draw attention to the right text.

4. Greater Interactivity

Interactive elements of all forms are gaining attention in website design. Interactive websites are more dynamic, so both humans and search engines can tell at a glance that they are updated regularly. Social media feeds, various contact options – including text messages – and AI-driven interactive assistants are just a few of the concepts transforming static text into a more gripping and personalized experience.

5. Simplicity

At a time when search engines are looking for more and longer text than ever before, some designers are bucking the trend by doubling down on simplicity. Being able to communicate in just a few words is a terrific exercise for ensuring you have distilled your message down to its most resonant form.

You can combine video storytelling with a focus on simplicity to draw people in without lots of reading. The right approach will depend on your unique business and the audience you appeal to.

6. The End of Flat Design

In flat design, individual elements “float in space” and cast a shadow on whatever’s beneath them. After years of this as the prevalent visual language of corporate communications, signs are emerging that people are tired of it – and website designers are willing to be more daring.

What’s going to finally replace flat design? Neumorphism is a top contender. In metamorphism, user interfaces take inspiration from real life without being too literal. Soft shadows delineate familiar shapes and make it easy to determine at a glance what each element of an interface does.

It’ll be a while still before a flat design makes your website look dated. But if you’re eager to refresh the look and feel of your digital brand, the team at New York Ave can offer ideas, inspiration, and execution.

With Modern Website Design from New York Ave, Your Brand Will Be Fresh and Compelling

At New York Ave, our team has been on the leading edge of digital marketing since the start. We have helped hundreds of businesses here in DeLand and across Central Florida get real, measurable results from their marketing with WordPress-driven website design.

Contact us to find out more or get started with a website design that exceeds your expectations.

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