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The Best of the Best in Mobile-Friendly Website Design

We recently shared the news with you that Google has once again updated its search engine algorithm, this time giving preference to mobile-friendly websites. If your website does not currently conform to Google’s mobile-friendly requirements, hopefully you are planning to take the steps in the near future to make viewing your website optimal from any device used, from a desktop computer to smartphone.
Before revamping your own website design, it’s always good to look to the best of the best for inspiration. With this in mind, we wanted to share some of the best responsive website designs out there that have been optimized for mobile browsing:

These days it’s hard not to be familiar with Shutterfly, which produces photo books, personalized cards, stationary, and much more. Understanding that a tremendous amount of these photos are now captured on smartphones, the company made it a priority to re-design its website to best accommodate the mobile user. Examples of such changes include large buttons on the menu screen to make it easy for mobile users to find what they are looking for and easy access to select photos from the phone to include in photo gifts.

The internet has made it incredibly easy to make highly customized purchases, and e-commerce website Etsy caters to this demand by allowing people to buy and sell these personalized items.

The typical Etsy user is doing one of two things: searching for a specific item or browsing through items in categories that appeal to them. Etsy understands this, which is why its website design greets mobile users with a search field and a list of trending items on the website. The images on the mobile website are big enough for users to see without adjusting their phones and easy to flip through with a finger.

Elf on the Shelf
If you have young children, you without a doubt have heard of this Christmas story and tradition. Elf on the Shelf sells the children’s book along with an elf figurine that is strategically placed throughout the house during the holiday season to keep an eye on the children and report findings back to Santa.

Aside from the book and elf figurine, Elf on the Shelf sells a number of other products as well. However, if you check out this company’s website from your smartphone, you will be pleased that there is not a long, text-based list of these products to scroll through. Instead, the website design makes it extremely easy for mobile users to swipe through images of the various products with their fingers. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s less overwhelming for consumers as well.

We recently mentioned this website as being a powerful (and free) resource for content creation. Since you typically come up with your best ideas while on-the-go, the website design makes it extremely easy for mobile users to snap pictures of notes and clip inspiration web articles. As a result, Evernote users are able to take these digital tidbits with them wherever they go, allowing them to stay organized and productive.

To get a better idea of mobile friendly website design, I strongly encourage you to visit each of these websites from a mobile device and take note of what really enhances your user experience. With 80 percent of internet users relying on their smartphones to browse the internet and the recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, you really need to make mobile-friendly website design a priority for your business.

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