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Strengthen Search Engine Optimization and Earn More Conversions by Making These Enhancements to Your Website

Just because you see that your website is earning an abundance of traffic on Google Analytics doesn’t necessarily mean that your online marketing strategy is working. While getting traffic is part of the equation, the real success boils down to earning conversions.
A website conversion happens when someone visits your website and takes an action that you intended them to take. Examples of these actions could include signing up to receive your newsletter, registering for a webinar, or providing lead information in exchange for premium content.

The good news is that when you optimize your website to earn more conversions, you’ll also strengthen your search engine optimization strategy. These two critical components of online marketing work hand-in-hand together to produce positive results. This makes sense because when you’re able to attract more traffic to a website that has been optimized for conversions, you’re going to earn more business.

Are you ready to start getting better results from your company’s website? Here are four ways to make your website more conversion-friendly while also strengthening your search engine optimization strategy:

1. Enhance your homepage.
If your website was a house on the open market, your homepage would be your front door. Your homepage is generally the first encounter that visitors will have with your website, so you need to be sure that it provides an overview of your business that can be grasped within a few seconds. To help determine the effectiveness of your homepage, ask yourself the following questions:

Is a visitor able to determine the type of products and services that your business offers within a few seconds of arriving on your homepage?

Are you sharing customer testimonials on your homepage to offer proof that your business is reputable?

Are you using forms on your homepage for visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for premium content?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your business would benefit if you made some enhancements to your homepage.

2. Offer compelling headlines.
While research shows that 80 percent of your website visitors will read headlines, only 20 percent will read the content that follows in its entirety. You need your headlines to be compelling enough to captivate your audience and make them want to keep reading. Use the following formula to grab the visitor’s attention with your headlines:

Number or trigger word + adjective + keyword + promise

Headlines are also a great place to include keyword rich content to strengthen your search engine optimization strategy.

3. Include CTAs on every page of your website.
If you want your visitors to take action, you need your CTAs to be visible on every page of your website. If a website visitor is ready to take action, it shouldn’t take them more than a few seconds to find your CTA and follow-through. Your offers need to be enticing and only require an easy step to take action.

4. Add a blog to your website.
A blog is essential to a strong search engine optimization strategy as each new published blog post create a fresh page on your website for search engines to index. A blog will help your business to build authority with both your audience and search engines. It also serves as a way to deliver value to website visitors. Because your blog is a lead generation powerhouse, you’ll want to prominently display a CTA to subscribe to your blog on your website’s homepage.

Getting traffic to your website is one thing; however, you’re not going to get results if that traffic is not converting. Use these steps to optimize your website for conversions. Your search engine optimization strategy will benefit as well.

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