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Should I Even Bother Creating a Facebook Page for My Business?

Since this is a question that so many business owners and marketers are asking themselves today, we wanted to take a moment to address the impact that using Facebook as a marketing tool can have on your business.

Of all of the social media channels at your disposal, your audience is more than likely spending time on Facebook. The site has more than 1.35 billion monthly active users (as of September 2014), and a large portion of these users check their Facebook accounts before even rolling out of bed in the morning to brush their teeth.

Aside from creating brand awareness, Facebook is also a powerful tool for establishing authority and credibility for your brand. According to Social Times, 96 percent of small businesses are on Facebook. With this in mind, imagine if a prospective customer tried to find your business on Facebook and had no luck. Not only would he probably be shocked that your business didn’t have a Facebook page, but he may also question the credibility of your brand.

However, with Facebook being flooded with so many different business pages, some business owners and marketers are wondering if the social media giant is even worth their time. In our opinion, the answer is definitely yes, assuming you make the most of your presence there by embracing the following:

Take advantage of Facebook’s Insights and Analytics tools.
Sure, anyone can have a Facebook page, but the businesses see the most success are constantly tracking their progress using Facebook’s Insights and Analytics tools. To start taking advantage of these tools, all you will need is at least 30 people to “like” your page. Once you have enough people “like” your page, you can get even more detailed information using Audience Insights.

These tools will not only help you learn more about your audience and how they like to use Facebook to interact, but will also prove to be a powerful resource in helping you to create more relevant content for your audience. These tools will keep you in the loop as to how your Facebook marketing efforts are performing by sharing details such as page traffic growth, your most popular posts, and when your fans are most active.

Make social listening a priority.
You need to think of Facebook as the virtual face of your brand, because your customers definitely have this mindset. They’ll likely come to your Facebook page first to ask questions and request your response in regards to any issues they are having with your products or services. The best businesses on Facebook are not only responsive to these interactions, but also use the site as a listening tool to hear what real customers are saying about their products, services, and brand.

Keep an eye on your competition.
There is a very good chance that your competition is active on Facebook. But don’t worry, that means Facebook can serve as a great resource for keeping tabs on what your competition is doing. It’s a helpful way to stay in the loop on new products and services that they are rolling out and to hear what their customers are saying. You can even take advantage of Facebook’s custom lists feature to keep track of your competition in a more organized fashion without letting them know that you are watching.

There are so many benefits that your business can gain from having an active Facebook page, so while you may have read an article telling you that brands are flocking away from the service, we’re encouraging you to do just the opposite. Just keep this in mind…If you’re not active on Facebook, you can rest assured that your competition is. Embrace these Facebook marketing tactics to really help your brand stand out on the site and drive results.

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