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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Facebook Page

If it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your company’s Facebook page, it’s time to add this to your “to-do” list, preferably towards the top. As we enter into the holiday season, consumers will be turning to Facebook to research products and services before making purchase decisions. In fact, consumers trust recommendations from their Facebook “friends” more than they do traditional forms of advertising, meaning that Facebook is a powerful outlet to leverage to earn more conversions.
Do you want to give your business a more professional and engaging presence on Facebook and increase your visibility? Help your customers find your business on Facebook by embracing the following search engine optimization tips:

1. Provide a complete company profile.
If you think no one is paying attention to your Facebook page’s business description, you’re wrong. The more information you provide about your business, the more professional and trustworthy consumers will perceive your brand to be.

When creating a Facebook profile, your goal should be to provide consumers with all of the important information that they need to know about your business in a clear and succinct way.

Here are some best practices for creating a complete Facebook profile for your business that will benefit your search engine optimization strategy:

  • Select a category that best matches your business and/or niche.
  • Provide your address, location, hours, phone number, and website.
  • Ensure that your Facebook user name matches your business name.
  • Offer a business description that is a digital version of your elevator pitch (and keep it brief).
  • Share links to your other social channels.
  • List the products and services that you offer.

2. Use your Facebook cover and profile pictures to reinforce your branding strategy.
Your cover photo and profile picture are your company’s visual identity on Facebook. Therefore, when choosing these images, opt to use visually appealing and high-resolution images that accurately reflect what your brand is all about.

Rotating your cover photo to correspond with a promotion or campaign is an effective way to draw attention to your company’s current initiative and drive results.

Your Facebook profile picture should be timeless and easily recognizable to your target audience. Including a link to your website in your profile picture is another best practice to embrace.

3. Include a relevant call-to-action button.
Facebook offers businesses a variety of call-to-action buttons to include in their Facebook profiles. Take a look at the available options and choose one that aligns with the desired action you want consumers to take on your destination page.

An effective tactic to use is to match your CTA to the message in your cover photo. You can even design your cover photo to include an arrow that serves as a visual prompt to click on the CTA button your Facebook page.

4. Use pins to show your most important content at the top of your Facebook page.
To increase the visibility of your most important content, opt to “pin to top.” The types of Facebook posts that are worth pinning to the top of your timeline include time-sensitive information, content that you want to spotlight, or content that you’ve produced in partnership with another company.

5. Add important company milestones to your Facebook page.
Facebook’s milestones feature is a powerful way to tell your brand’s story in an organized and compelling way. If you take the time to write brief, but high-quality content and include captivating images with each milestone, you’ll be able to bring your company’s story to life in a visually appealing way.

Even if you think you’ve got a winning Facebook page for your business, it’s worth it to your search engine optimization strategy to take a second look and ensure that your page is optimized to deliver results.

Facebook is constantly rolling out new features that you can use to increase your company’s visibility on the social media platform. By making a point to stay in-the-know of these new features, you’ll benefit your search engine optimization strategy and help your audience find you online.

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