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Roofing Contractors: Break The “Feast Or Famine” Cycle With Year-Round Roofing Customers

What’s the most important factor that helps roofing contractors grow a successful business? In many areas, roofing is highly cyclical. Even in the Sunshine State, where roofers and homeowners never need to worry about snow, projects tend to slow down as the year dwindles to an end.
By contrast, spring and summer often bring so much work, small roofing contractors might not be able to handle it all. That’s especially true when storms strike, demanding lots of roof repairs.

This traps many roofing contractors in a tough cycle:

  • For about a quarter of the year, they have to strain to meet demand
  • For another quarter, they can go days at a time without getting a call
  • The rest of the year is “average,” with few potential breakthroughs

That leaves newer roofing contractors unable to build their business or expand their staff. And since many roofing contractors lead small teams of five people or less, it means the lion’s share of work goes to established brands – even if they don’t deliver the best quality or service.

Digital marketing for roofing contractors is the way to break the cycle.

To do it, your marketing needs to be aligned with a long-term strategy for making your business sustainable. The method: Draw more leads to your door, win repeat business, and get referrals.

Referral business means you’ll never have to go chasing down new clients in the slow season to keep the lights on. Combined with repeat business from satisfied customers, you’ll find yourself with more sales and more revenue.

It all starts with leads, and digital marketing gets you there.

Analyze Your Roofing Market To Develop Content Ideas
Content is the backbone of any strategy to raise your visibility when local customers search for roofing contractors. Most content marketing takes the form of blog posts. Video storytelling boosts the performance of virtually any blog, but building the foundation of written content is priority one.

All content is written for someone. The big question is: What matters in your local market?

Let’s take a closer look at some topics roofing contractors can rank for in search:

1. Sustainable Roofing
Sustainable roofing is big business in many states. It’s not just limited to sunny locales where solar panels are most effective: Reflective shingles and residential metal roofing are giving homeowners more control over their environmental impact – and lower energy usage means more savings over the years.

2. Storm Readiness
In storm-prone places like Florida and Texas, homeowners want to do everything possible to protect their property. But it’s easy to overlook key details: For example, they might not know about wind mitigation credits and how a new roof can lower their insurance premiums.

3. Roofing Trends
New roofing products can give homeowners fresh opportunities to express their personal style, which might motivate them to move forward. Customers in upscale communities often respond to premium roofing materials such as slate, which impart a luxurious look.

“Localize” Your Website To Draw Eager Homeowners In
Roofing contractors face a challenge making sure their websites attract people only within their service zone. With the right marketing techniques, you make it more likely Google will direct lucrative “near me” searches to your website while leaving the rest to brands outside your area.

Here’s how to get it done right:

1. Create Landing Pages For Local Communities In Your Area
If there are ten different towns and cities you serve, you need ten different landing pages speaking to the residents of each one. While their roofing needs might not vary much, customers are very likely to search for roofers by location – “roofer Austin TX” for example – and your landing pages can bring in that traffic.

2. Take Command Of Your Local SEO Resources
Google My Business is a free directory that can put your local business on the map (literally!) Details are generated automatically by Google, but business owners can claim their listing and update it. Once you do, Google uses it as a ranking factor, so you’ll be more visible to users in your neighborhood.

3. Build Links With Local Organizations and Influencers
“Backlinks” from other websites to yours are crucial to search engine optimization. You can often get links by joining professional associations, but don’t stop there. Check out business networking organizations and your chamber of commerce. Other entrepreneurs can be valuable allies.

Take A Hands-On Approach To Customer Care And Follow-Up
A homeowner might only need a new roof every 20 years or so, but roof repairs and inspections can mean regular business. Unfortunately, customers are often tempted to jump around to different roofing contractors based on who has the best price at the moment.

Here’s how to spark lasting loyalty:

1. Reduce Risk, Inspire Trust
Some people fear getting burned by shoddy roof work. The more you reduce risk, the better. That means showcasing details of guarantees or warranties on your work, explaining your project process step by step on your website, and being sure customers know you have clear, straightforward payment policies.

2. Get Reviews And Testimonials
Risk calculations change completely when customers know that others like them love your work. This factor, called social proof, helps you stand out even from bigger brands. It’s a good idea to ask customers directly for a review once you know they’re satisfied – that’s when they’re most likely to follow through.

3. Follow Up With Past Customers
You never know when a past customer might have a friend or family member who needs your services. While Google and Yelp discourage incentivizing reviews, providing a discount or other perk in exchange for a referral is fair game. Holidays and other major milestones are natural times to follow up!

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