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Reflecting on 2017 Website Design

The year will be coming to a close before we know it. Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of new trends enter the forefront of website design, and 2018 will be no different. Here are some of the most notable website design trends of 2017 that digital marketing specialists predict will stick around over the next 12 months:
1. The elimination of boxes.
For many years, having boxes upon boxes in website design seemed to be the standard. Designers operated with the belief that everything needed to be contained.

This philosophy has changed in 2017, however, with a shift towards a more open feel. Instead of separating content with lines and boxes, designers are defining the hierarchy with the content and imagery.

2. The inclusion of angles.
In an effort to create more visual points of interest, many designers are finding ways to incorporate angles into website design. By giving an image an angle, you can direct visitors’ eyes to the content that you want them to read or an action that you want them to take. Because your audience is accustomed to consuming content horizontally, offering an angle will be a welcomed break from the typical layout.

3. Simple, no fuss design.
Long gone are the days of cluttered and distracting websites. Since businesses have found that they can get better results from a cleaner design, websites have moved to a more simple, no fuss design. By providing only the necessary information on their websites in a design that is easy to navigate, businesses can more effectively communicate their message in a concise way.

4. The use of alternate navigation methods.
In recent years, the hamburger menu was a popular way to help users navigate a website. However, due to the love/hate relationship that many have with the hamburger menu, this design aspect is losing momentum. Businesses are finding that there are alternate navigation solutions that resonate well with their audience (tabs and collapsing menus, for example) and are not afraid to give these solutions a try.

5. More textures.
In an attempt to add depth and create visual points of interest on a website, businesses are finding way to incorporate more texture into website design. Adding texture helps businesses to add realism to flat design and increases sophistication.

6. More collaboration between designers and developers.
With more consumers than ever turning to search engines to research products and services before making buying decisions, designers are working with developers to create websites that appeal to visitors and search engines alike. The growing demand for mobile apps is also impacting the increased collaboration between designers and developers.

7. Big and bold copy.
As websites move to a more simple design, the content is now playing center stage. Big and bold copy that inspires visitors is being given significant screen real estate. These bold statements are simple and concise, which is appealing to consumers in today’s fast-paced world.

8. More scalable vector graphics.
Scalable vector graphics (also referred to as SVGs) are growing in popularity as they present designers with more advantages than traditional image formats such as JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs. The big advantage to using SVGs in website design is that they are resolution-independent, meaning that they look great on any screen.

9. Brighter colors.
With a transition to a more minimalist design, many businesses are infusing personality into their website through the use of brighter colors. Instead of using just one bright and vibrant color, many brands are taking advantage of gradients to blend and blur these exuberant hues into a spectrum that resembles a splashy sunset or noonday sky.

While 2018 will certainly make its own impact on website design, these design trends of 2017 will carry on into the new year. Being aware of these trends and incorporating them into your own website will help to give your business a competitive edge.

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