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Referrals And Upsells For Plastic Surgeons: Reactivate Your Patients

Plastic surgeons work hard to rejuvenate their patients. But are you also reactivating them? You should be.
Statistics show that it’s much easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one. That’s especially true for plastic surgeons, for two main reasons:

  • Plastic surgeons often deal with crowded and competitive local markets
  • Customers go on a long journey before getting surgery for the first time

Your current customers have the potential to be your best source of future revenue. They know you and trust you. They’re far less likely to compare other surgeons before choosing you again.

Every time they look in the mirror, it’s a new opportunity.

Yes, there are some customers you’ll never hear from again. Maybe they’re completely satisfied with their appearance and will be for a long time. Or maybe, through no fault of your own, they found surgery more taxing than they thought. But the vast majority might visit you later on.

The key: Using digital marketing resources for plastic surgeons to reconnect.

What Are The Best Ways For Plastic Surgeons To Get Customers’ Attention?
There are lots of great ways for plastic surgeons to reconnect with past customers.

The best methods open a dialogue while reminding the customer about the most positive aspects of their experience with you. Customers who have a positive view of you and your brand are much more likely to be receptive to your future ideas for making their lives better.

So, what are the best tools plastic surgeons can use to keep the relationship going?

Plastic surgeons working with New York Ave have seen consistent results with these:

1. Write Compelling Web Blogs Focused On Past Patients’ Needs
Patients can extend their results from many surgical procedures with the right exercise, lifestyle changes, or supplements. They want that information – and they’re going to look for it.

The best source they can get it from is you.

Sometimes, there may be little patients can do other than schedule a future treatment to maintain their results. Getting that information right from you, instead of false hope from a competing vendor who can’t deliver, helps build deeper trust in your expertise.

But don’t underestimate the products and services you may be able to offer past patients.

Many people go to plastic surgeons because they aren’t pleased with their skin. However, they don’t always realize the connection between sun damage and skin health or the ways they can protect skin’s vitality. Helpful, informative blogs that offer this kind of advice can entice patients back onto your website, where they’ll re-familiarize themselves with your offerings.

At the same time, you’ll also build credibility and visibility on Google.

2. Keep The Conversation Going By Email, Starting With Feedback
Odds are good that most people who finally set up a first appointment with you are already on your email marketing list. That means it’s time to move them to a “current patients” segment.

By segmenting your list carefully, you ensure subscribers always get the most relevant content.

There are many different ways plastic surgeons can segment a list:

  • Patient’s Age
  • Patient’s Gender
  • Patient’s Most Recent Procedure
  • Patient’s Future Plans for Procedures

However, before you decide exactly where to situate a patient on your list, start by asking them for their opinion on their experience with you. It’s a good idea to ask for feedback by email right away, then follow up again after the healing process for the specific procedure is complete.

One good way is to go with a Net Promoter Score. It’s based on a single, simple question:

“How likely are you to recommend us to family and friends?”

Patients who respond with a score of 9 or 10 are considered promoters. These are the people most likely to visit you again and most eager to share your offerings with the others they know.
Remember that patients can be on more than one list segment at a time. With that in mind, your enthusiastic promoters should receive periodic reminders and special offers aimed at helping them spread the word about your brand. They can also get loyalty rewards and discounts.

3. Share Customer Testimonials And Other Visual Content On Social Media
Once you’ve identified your biggest supporters, you can speed up the process of getting social proof for your business. Social proof shows your leads that others “just like them” love their results – and it’s especially important for plastic surgeons.

When patients evaluate your business, they’re looking for what they recognize: People with familiar concerns about their appearance, whose expectations are shaped by similar age and gender. Video testimonials may be the most powerful way to offer that proof.

A good video testimonial answers why a patient chose you, what problem they were trying to solve, and why they’re thrilled with their results. It doesn’t have to be long: Expression and tone of voice convey so much that the message can get across in one minute.

Share your testimonials on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to include a brief, doctor-led “outro” letting customers know about what you can offer and how to contact you. This way, your past patients can build tremendous value for you even if they don’t need further procedures.

Patients Want To Hear From You: Are You Giving Them What They Want?
Your happiest customers think about your excellent work every time they look in the mirror.

Whether it’s by buying a new product, scheduling a follow-up service, or just taking the chance to share their experience, they can help you get established as one of your community’s leading plastic surgeons. That helps you stand out no matter how many competitors you have.

The team at New York Ave understands digital marketing for plastic surgeons. To hit the ground running, just contact us today.

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