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Pretty Websites Are Nice, Websites Optimized For Conversions Are Better

Have you ever seen a website that looked so good, you find yourself wishing your company’s website looked the same way? Before you know it, you’re asking your web designer to reproduce a website that doesn’t meet your needs and doesn’t create conversions. If your website is not achieving the results you would like to see, it is probably because you aren’t using the right conversion flow.
The proper visitor conversion flow creates a progression that increases content consumption, encourages sales and sign ups, and reduces friction. A typical conversion flow consists of creating awareness, informing interest, and finally…taking action. Is your website set up to optimize conversions? Here are several things that are necessary to ensure the proper visitor conversion flow:

Reduce Steps to Conversion
If there are too many steps in the conversion process, many users will simply abandon the process due to frustration. You would be surprised how often this happens. Do yourself and your customer a favor and reduce the number of steps needed to complete the sale or email opt-in. By the same token, don’t ask users for too much information during the sign up/sales process. If you really want to collect in-depth information about your users, this is not the time. As a rule, only ask for the information that is needed to make the sale or complete the sign-up process. Asking for more information than necessary could easily lead to lost conversions.

Better Usability = Happier Website Visitors
Users can’t learn about your product if they can’t find the information to begin with. Website usability is often the culprit behind conversion failures. Your website design could be great otherwise, but one issue could prevent users from converting. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Can you easily navigate and use your site? Usability issues may be related to browser compatibility, confusing navigation, or technical issues with the site’s e-commerce.

This situation is very unfortunate because the problem is usually a small issue that can be fixed easily. When business owners get attached to a specific look and feel of a website, they may overlook a glaring usability problem. Always remember that conversions are more important than bells and whistles when it comes to website design. You may like the look of a particular navigation bar, but if users find it confusing, then it has to go.

Increase Conversions With the Right Amount of Content
Content is important when it comes to your blog and social networking efforts, but be cautious of how you use content on your website. Offer only necessary information in small, powerful, yet easily digestible chunks. You can easily overwhelm potential customers by offering too much content. Your website should be designed to offer the right amount of information to encourage interest at the appropriate point in the conversion process.

Create a Clear Call to Action
You may think it’s tacky website design, but a clear call to action is a necessary step in the conversion process. If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. There is no way around it. When done properly, a clear call to action guides the customer to the natural next step of the conversion process without seeming salesy or overly pushy. It may seem silly, but the lack of a call to action often leaves website visitors feeling lost, there should always be a next step!

If your website design is not utilizing the proper visitor flow and conversion architecture, it is likely that your business will not see an increase in sales and a high number of bounces (visitors who leave after just one page). Regardless of how you want your website design to look, keep your conversion goals in mind. A cool web design may encourage initial customer interest, but it’s not enough to push a visitor through to conversion.

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