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Online Advertising Quick-Start For Pest Control Companies

Online advertising has the potential to be one of the most powerful techniques in digital marketing for pest control companies. Done well, it allows you to generate fast, reliable traffic.
An upfront investment in advertising that yields ROI can accelerate your success. Many pest control companies use digital advertising as a short-term measure while they wait for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to spark long-term results in traffic and lead generation.

Pest control companies that embrace online advertising usually fall into one of two categories:

  • New pest control companies ready to generate early leads after putting up their website
  • Established firms that want additional leverage to help them get over a business plateau

Advertising can be powerful lead generation fuel, but it’s never as simple as slapping together a few quick ideas after getting a $100 AdWords voucher in the mail. Move too quickly or skip a step and ads transform into pure overhead, which makes many companies’ first encounter with digital advertising their last.

Three Warnings About Online Advertising For Pest Control Companies
Business owners who decide to “just give ads a try” can lose hundreds of dollars literally overnight. With these three points in mind, you’ll position yourself to avoid the worst case scenario. From there, you can build up the customer insights you need to achieve excellent results.

1. Advertising Isn’t Right For All Situations
Even if you’ve got a great ad with a compelling offer, terrific visuals, and an eye-catching headline, ads won’t work for all firms in all situations. Pest control companies that are trying to break out of “feast or famine” mode and get consistent business are usually better off with long-term methods like content marketing. The best time to start on long-term strategies is now, while advertising will always be an option down the road.

2. Everything Has To Be In Place First
The biggest mistake pest control companies make with their first ad is assuming that all it needs to do is lead a new visitor to their website’s home page. When your ad wins a click, that’s half the work, not the whole job. Visitors convert into customers when ads lead them to valuable offers on personalized, locally focused landing pages fully optimized to make the sale. All of that planning and design needs to come before your first ad.

3. It’s Both A Marathon And A Sprint
The best way to think of advertising is a marathon followed by a sprint followed by another marathon. The first marathon comes in setting up your website to make use of paid traffic and putting your ads together. The sprint, if all goes well, is the dozens of new leads you’ll get to service each month. And the second marathon is the weekly upkeep, testing, and new ad development that keeps your future customers from going “ad blind.”

All of this might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Modern digital advertising is based on real data collected from real people. Over time, ads can perform better and better. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the belief that advertising will work at the flick of a switch (or, indeed, the click of a mouse.)

Let’s look at it in context:

  • It takes about three months for an SEO and content marketing strategy to yield first results
  • It takes 2-4 weeks to set up and run new ads and a second month to begin optimizing them

All in all, the turnaround time from the start of your campaign to your first traffic is still lower for advertising than it is for content marketing. And, of course, if your ads have a healthy ROI, you won’t need to worry about the additional expenses you incur paying for them every month.

This means advertising is a strong solution if your website is set up for it, your local market can deliver on it, and you’re ready to handle the extra business. If there is one drawback, it’s this: Focusing on SEO leads to a long-term competitive advantage that’s hard for others to duplicate, while rivals can start running ads any time.

The more competitors run ads, the more expensive they’ll become, and the better your own ads need to be!

The Best Platforms And Websites For Digital Pest Control Advertising
In the early days, online advertising was like the Wild West, with hundreds of different small-time players all promising the moon. The industry saw a huge realignment as old-fashioned pop-up ads and banners gave way to smaller text and photo ads, the kinds that most customers respond to today.

Now, your business can soar focusing on only the two biggest and best advertising platforms for pest control companies. Thousands and thousands of businesses have seen real results through Google or Facebook ads. Let’s consider their major advantages and differences:

1. Google
Google advertisements are convenient because they’re associated with the real keywords users put into search when they’re looking for a company like yours. This means your ads and SEO can reinforce each other and you can raise your local visibility with geo-tagged search terms like “pest control Austin TX.”

2. Facebook
Facebook can be a little more complicated in both targeting options and the necessary creative – users respond most to visuals and videos, not text. But demographic precision can be helpful. Not only does it enable you to narrow ads down to your precise service area, but to focus on homeowners with disposable income.

New York Ave Gets You On Track For Digital Marketing ROI
The lesson is simple: Digital ads can supercharge your business, but don’t go it alone!

New York Ave helps pest control companies like yours launch and scale ads that help you qualify local leads and convert them into customers. To learn more or get started, contact us.

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