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One Simple Principle That Helps Roofers Create Standout Website Content

The roof is a tremendous part of a home’s appeal – it contributes as much to the appearance of a home as the exterior paint job. But once a buyer figures out how long ago the roof was replaced and whether it will need work any time soon, their interest usually ends.
So, how do you entice people to engage with your website enough to choose you as their roofer?

Simple: Don’t expect them to read it.

Website users don’t read. They scan.

User design specialists have uncovered an F-shaped reading pattern that informs the way most people read websites. That means they start at the top of the page, scan to the side, then scroll down a bit more and scan to the side again.

Finally, they scan the left side – the stem of the F.

In other words:

  • The first few lines of text on any page can be expected to get the most attention
  • The first few words on the left side of any page get more attention than the rest

With differences in browsers, display sizes, and other factors, it’s almost impossible to ensure your website looks exactly the same to everyone. Understanding the F-shaped reading pattern isn’t about a perfectly uniform experience, but about knowing what matters to users.

The lesson for roofing contractors is this:

Act as if every piece of content on your website is the only one a person will look at – and that they won’t read it all.

Roofing contractors who embrace this have an easier time with digital marketing. It’s simpler to develop roofer marketing collateral that attracts leads and accelerates sales. It motivates you to think from the customer’s perspective – what if this one page was all they knew about you?

So, every piece of content should:

  • Provide helpful, informative information customers can act on
  • Equip customers to make better decisions about their roofing needs
  • Help customers convert – as subscribers, followers, or customers

How Roofing Contractors Can Make More Wow-Worthy Content
Visitors to your roofing website probably won’t share your content far and wide, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress them. If each piece of content is handcrafted to meet their needs, they’re more likely to spend time on your site and ultimately call you.

Here’s how you can make the right impression:

1. Stay Focused On What Matters Most To Your Customers
New roofing technologies are rolling out on a regular basis, from metal residential roofing to high quality synthetic underlayment. But most customers will focus on the three main ideas.

  • How can they save more money with their selection of roofing materials?
  • Can they add value to the home by choosing some products over others?
  • Will the roof products they choose allow them to get the look they want?

The facts may be basic, but they provide a huge amount of material for blog posts, videos, and case studies. Someone who wants a new roof so they can sell their home will be interested in different subjects than someone looking for an eco-friendly roof to cut energy costs.

2. Use Plain Language When Describing Products and Services
Try to keep content light, short, and to the point. Remember, people are scanning each page for what resonates with them – they could gloss over technical terms.

Show them the differences between roofing options with photos or brief videos.

If you have to use any roofing jargon, be sure to include a brief explanation so homeowners of all experience levels know what you mean.

3. Hook In Traffic From The DIY Crowd
Most roofing contractors agree roof repair projects should be handled by the experts. You’re sure to have some website visitors who drop by for tips on how to maintain their roof, though – and you should consider making content for them, too.

This is the group that’s willing to dive into a detailed guide about the latest roofing products and how to use them. When they’re presented with the facts, however, many will realize they’ll save time, money, and aggravation by having you do the work.

4. Have A Conversion Goal For Every Piece Of Content On Your Website
Roofing contractors know it could take days, weeks, or months before someone decides to repair or replace a roof. Remember the principle: If this piece of content is the only one someone will read, what does it need to achieve? The answer: It needs to build the relationship.

That means a conversion from website wanderer to roofing lead.

What are the biggest conversions to keep track of for roofing contractors?

  • Email List: The very first goal is to turn new website visitors into subscribers
  • Follower: Special offers and discounts can entice social media followers
  • Qualified Leads: Leads can self-qualify via an estimate form on your website
  • Appointments: Sign-ups for a call with your team or an on-site roof check
  • Scheduled: People who are paid up and on schedule for a project

Whether it’s a call-to-action to join your email list at the bottom of a blog or a reminder to follow you on social media at the end of a video, every piece of content should deepen the relationship.

5. Always Be Learning About Your Customers’ Needs And Wants
The f-shaped reading pattern portrays something important about people: They’re always on the hunt for what interests them the most, even when they have to sort through a huge amount of information. What matters to customers can change on a dime, so be sure you’re collecting feedback – both on your website and from your customers.

Don’t settle for the same old content customers could find from other roofing contractors in your area. The creative team at New York Ave helps you stand out. To learn more, contact us.

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