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New Pest Control Companies Need Professional Website Design To Compete

Pest control companies with a smaller service area might think their website isn’t that important. A concise website that describes your services and gets customers in contact is enough, right?

Your website is crucial. It is the first impression that drives all your other digital marketing.

It can also be the growth engine that takes your early-stage business to the next level.

Your Website Is The Key To Going From Referral Business To A Steady Stream Of Leads
Lots of pest control companies start with a handful of customers. They aim for superior service so they can get referrals down the line – but that business can take months to materialize.

Since most potential customers don’t have a pest problem most of the time, pest control companies that last focus on connecting with people who need their services right away.

A terrific website is how pest control companies take the initiative.

Your pest control website tells your future customers:

* You are a professional and trustworthy business
* You take their time, money, and trust seriously
* You will be around when they need you again

Even someone with no technical knowledge decides whether a website looks legitimate in just a few seconds. Your pest control website needs to line up with the unspoken expectations customers carry with them.

How Your Pest Control Website Puts You On Par With Your Community’s Biggest Brands
You might have a small pest control team with only one truck, but your website can still be world class.

Here’s what rising pest control companies need to achieve results from their website:

Complete Web Content For All Your Buyers
Whether you serve residential customers, businesses, or anything in between, you need great blogs. Blogs and video content help you answer leads’ important questions about your services. Educating customers on how to keep a space bug-free will help you appear in more search results and position your team as experts offering trusted advice.

Industry-Leading Speed And Security
It only takes about a second of delay for the average user to wonder if a website is working correctly. This can chase customers away as they wonder if problems with the website reflect on the quality of service. Your website design team should understand the ins and outs of speed and security so you’ll offer true ease of use to every potential customer – and never have to worry about it yourself.

Beautiful Design That Speaks To Your Brand
What makes a website look professional? These days, everybody has years of collected experience with websites – making quick decisions on which look trustworthy. A major part of pest control marketing is crafting a website that follows the unwritten rules and communicates your unique brand. Your website must be cohesive, clear, and easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Getting The Most From Your Professional Pest Control Website
Here’s the mistake most pest control companies make: Thinking “if you build it, they will come.”

Building it is the first step. But without digital marketing for pest control companies, you won’t get the ROI you want. And a website that doesn’t contribute to filling your schedule is nothing but overhead.

Once the website is up, then the real fun begins.

Smaller pest control companies win against bigger, old-fashioned competitors when they focus on a complete digital marketing strategy. Here’s what you absolutely can’t miss:

Search Engine Optimization For Pest Control Companies
SEO is the ongoing process of determining what your future customers are searching for and aligning your website to meet their needs. It consists both of creating fresh material – like blogs and videos – then making sure the technical details are optimized so search engines like Google will slurp them up. The sign of a working SEO campaign is your website gradually climbing in results for relevant searches.

Local SEO To Put Your Pest Control Business On The Map
When people search for pest control companies “near me,” it usually means they’re ready to set up an appointment. Local SEO makes sure Google, Bing, and the rest know where to find you. That starts with getting your company’s full address and phone number on your website. Then, you’ll need a concerted effort to take control over your listings in trusted local business directories.

More Reviews And Testimonials Than You Can Shake A Stick At
Once you start promoting your website, it’s crucial to pay attention to your online reputation. A steady stream of good reviews is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. On top of watching your reviews on third party sites like Yelp, have a plan in place to collect customer feedback after each job. Showcase your best reviews on your website so they will be easy to find.

Even More Useful And Informative Web Content
Your first batch of pest control Web content is “evergreen” – that is, you want to answer the questions most website visitors will have. After that, though, it’s important to keep publishing the best blogs and videos you can. Each one has the potential to soar to the top of search rankings if your SEO efforts are on point. Just as importantly, your advice can save your customers money and hassle.

Long-Term Ways To Build Customer Relationships
It might take weeks or months for your leads to give you a call – what do you do until then? Social media and email marketing offer opportunities to foster trust so leads “pre-sell” themselves on what you have to offer. Email in particular is ideal for maintaining long-term relationships with past customers so they don’t forget your name if they ever need your services again.

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