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Marketing for General Contractors: When You Know It’s Time To Hire An Agency

General contractors know their business has to be big enough and busy enough before it can support relationships with subcontractors. Going down that road too early can be just as bad as doing it too late. Once the door is open, it means making sure that person is upholding all the standards you expect.

In some ways, working with a marketing agency is similar.

A general contractor who’s just starting out probably has no need for a marketing agency. The all-important first year is about building client relationships and figuring out back-end processes. Once you’ve got your feet under you, though, it’s time to think about how to grow and scale.

If you’re at that point, it may be time to hire a marketing agency.

How to Find the Tipping Point for a Marketing Agency

Once a general contracting firm breaks through its early challenges, it’ll always be in one of two states:

  • You have more incoming business proposals than capacity, so you need more people
  • You have more capacity than incoming business, so you need contractor marketing

Without enough personnel, your business runs into a bottleneck. You can temporarily boost capacity with more subcontractors, but you always run the risk that they won’t perform as well as planned. Even if you get a lot of business in a short time, you’ll eventually “rubber band” back to your original capacity.

On the other hand, when you have processes and personnel but not enough business, it’s marketing to the rescue. Over the years, a marketing agency will help you find the right balance so you can grow sustainably.

If you’ve set your sights on growth in the next 6-12 months, the time to start on marketing – particularly, but not exclusively digital marketing – is right now. And if you’re already growing, marketing will help you maintain your momentum and channel it effectively so you benefit without becoming overwhelmed.

The best way to turn on the marketing spigot? Find a marketing agency that understands contractors.

A Good Marketing Agency Isn’t Just Another Subcontractor to Look After

When your company is ready for it, marketing is a full-time job. But it’s probably not one you want an in-house team for. Hiring experienced marketing professionals takes months, and your marketing director is only the first on the scene. You may need a team of three, five, or even more people to reach your marketing goals.

At that point, lots of companies consider a freelancer marketer to enact their strategy. But where to find one you can really trust? There are a million online platforms offering freelance marketing services, but in most cases, you get what you pay for. You can’t be sure the freelancer you found will be around next month or next year.

You probably know what it’s like to have worker shortages on an important contract or find yourself missing a deadline because the right person couldn’t get on-site. Marketing requires expertise, but it shouldn’t feel like it adds even more complexity to your business. A good marketing agency simplifies.

The question is simple: Do you want to manage ten subcontractors and clean up after them?

Or would you be better off with one team that can translate your ideas into objectives and execute them?

When you partner with a marketing agency, the experience, knowledge, and tools you need to succeed are all part of the deal. You don’t have to worry about training people, building a team where there are no skill gaps, or paying a million dollars a year for the latest marketing software.

In fact, you can be as involved or hands-off as you wish … if your marketing partner knows your industry well.

New York Ave Is the Trusted Name in General Contractor Marketing

At New York Ave, we’ve helped small, mid-sized, and even nationwide general contractors grow and scale from wherever they are. Our proven approach to general contractor marketing empowers you. You can leverage your brand’s strengths with compelling, effective marketing while staying focused on what you do best.

It all starts with a conversation, either in person at our office or over video chat. We get to know you and your goals. Then, we develop a strategy that will get you there faster. Each step of the way, we tailor your plan for results based on the latest data and our real-world experience.

With New York Ave, real human beings build your brand, not AI—just like your team does real hands-on work every day. And you will see the difference.

Contact us to find out more or get started.

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