Manufacturing Company? It’s Probably Time For a Website Refresh

Published on October 11, 2023

“Everybody knows who we are. Why would we need a website?”

It’s almost impossible to imagine a leader in any modern industry saying this.

But up until recently, that’s exactly how many manufacturing executives felt.

We don’t blame them. Manufacturing has long been in a unique position. With a phalanx of inside salespeople and a defined calendar of industry events, every major supplier could expect to get face-time with nearly every important customer every single year – sometimes several times a year.

Since 2021, all that has changed.

For the First Time, Website Design Is Crucial to Your Manufacturing Brand

It wasn’t so long ago when established manufacturing brands were still offering their product updates through slick catalogs and printouts packed with technical specs and details. But the last few years changed the game.

Even the biggest players on the block now need great website design.

What happened? Three major changes have made website design a differentiator:

1. Face-to-Face Events Just Aren’t What They Used to Be

These days, most face-to-face events … aren’t.

It’s safer than ever with no travel restrictions in sight, yet many industries are finding the events calendar that once defined the entire year is looking a little sparse. Some events have scaled back or closed their doors and others have gone fully virtual for good. The outlook for traditional prospecting is grim.

The market has changed, and you need new ways to stay connected with your customers around the clock. Companies that sit around waiting for the old tempo of deal-making to come back will end up left behind.

2. Barriers to Entry in Manufacturing Are Going Down

For a long time, many manufacturing firms have been in the enviable position of having no meaningful rivals. When you’re the only one in the market with a hyper-specialized part, business is yours to lose – and there’s often no need to hustle. But it’s getting easier for hungry upstarts to knock over your sand castle.

New technologies are flooding the market that make design, prototyping, and testing easier than ever. At the same time, small companies are gaining access to global supply chains and a widening share of investor cash.

3. Millennials Are Making Their Presence Felt

The leaders who made today’s brands what they are will soon be retiring. In their place, Millennials – the eldest of whom are over 40 – are stepping up. Your future B2B decision-makers grew up using the internet to compare deals on mission-critical products and services, and they won’t stop as their responsibilities grow. If you fail to facilitate their online research with good website design, you risk sending them elsewhere.

What Can You Expect from a Website Refresh in Manufacturing?

A website refresh doesn’t mean you have to tear your website down and start over (although it might.)

In most cases, an award-winning marketing agency like New York Ave can apply the principles of website design to build on what you have and modernize your online presence. Any website refresh has multiple goals that enhance your ability to attract business and serve customers.

With a website refresh, you:

  • Ensure visitors can easily place orders, do product research, and get help from within your website
  • Improve the overall user experience with industry-leading speed, responsiveness, and data security
  • Create a cohesive brand vision that sets you apart from other market entrants, even new visitors

Many manufacturing firms haven’t performed a website refresh in ten years or even more. Website design looked very different then, and what was once impressive is now laughable. When you opt for a complete website refresh with a trusted marketing agency, you’re setting the tone for your brand’s future.

Want to Boost Sales Next Year? Start with Your Manufacturing Website Refresh Today

Sales teams are leading the charge to bring better website design to established manufacturing firms. They know that when there’s a clearly defined marketing pipeline with detailed, high-quality marketing collateral, they can identify more leads and convert more of your first-time inquiries into customers.

Your digital marketing investment isn’t a flash in the pan. Website design – and all that comes with it – will empower you with lasting advantages that grow over time. No matter how competitive or decentralized the future turns out to be, your website refresh will still be helping you years down the road.

It all starts with a marketing agency that understands your business. We strive to learn about your goals and vision, and then give you the unvarnished facts on how we can get you there. Contact New York Ave today to begin.

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